Davis: Pledge conference nothing more than a PR exercise

Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday slammed a $975 million pledge by The P3 Group, which was the largest of $1.5 billion in pledge donations for Hurricane Dorian relief during an aid conference this week, charging that the money was not a donation.

The P3 Group’s CEO Dee Brown yesterday confirmed that the amount pledged would be a loan, financed by the group and repaid with interest.

“Now, let us strip down how is this $1.5 billion made up,” Davis said.

“I daresay when you talk about donors, you’re expecting donations to be made without strings attached.

“I’ll ask him (the prime minister) to identify the donors, identify which conditions are being made, separate what is being borrowed from what is being donated, and then we’ll understand what the true import of what the exercise yesterday produced.”

This pledge made up two-thirds of the total amount of pledges during an aid conference at the Baha Mar resort.

Davis chalked the entire conference up as a public relations exercise by the government, and said it’s “too little, too late”.

The conference was sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was well-attended by government ministers and officials, local and international private sector representatives and members of the public.

Davis also questioned why the government waited to hold such an event months after Hurricane Dorian’s passage.

“Why would you, [four] months after an event, be convening a donor seminar?” he said.

“We would’ve expected that to have happened immediately after the events.”

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