Davis pledges to treat Abaco’s recovery as a high priority

Stresses that govt will ‘break through the pattern of delays and inaction’ that has defined Abaco since Hurricane Dorian

Prime Minister Philip Davis on Friday pledged to treat Abaco and its recovery as a high priority during this term.

He made the comments during the official opening ceremony of the Angel Fish Creek Bridge in North Abaco.

“We are in this for the long haul with you, Abaco, because I know the Abacos have been pound for pound a juggernaut for The Bahamas, punching above their weight in terms of economic contributions to the national economy,” Davis said at the podium.

“I am fully committed to seeing these prosperous days return in full force.

“As global travel returns to normal and tourism numbers approach and surpass pre-pandemic numbers, we must ensure that Abaco is ready to take advantage of the anticipated economic growth.

“My administration made a promise to the people of Abaco that they would not be overlooked or forgotten.

“… Abaco is close to me, so I cannot help but keep Abaco in my sight.”

Davis said his government will “break through the pattern of delays and inaction” that has defined Abaco since Hurricane Dorian, which leveled parts of the island in September 2019.

He pointed to the bridge, the groundbreaking of an affordable homes project and the recent hiring of teachers as recent efforts on the island and said the government is “working hard behind the scenes” on further progress.

“What you have seen so far is just the start,” Davis said.

“We pledge to bring competent, compassionate governance for everyone in this country.

“And the people of Abaco are most certainly included in that number.

“I know that there are those who feel like they’ve heard this before.

“I know that due to the many previously broken promises trust in government is at an all-time low. And I don’t blame you for that. Instead, I take it as a challenge to repair that trust and mend those broken relationships through the work we do on the ground every day.”

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