Davis wants to be like Mottley

Dear Editor,

It is clear that Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis wants to be like Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados — well respected around the world, revered, admired and seen as a good-natured person.

Mottley is viewed as the leader of the Caribbean and a leader among world leaders.

Though Mr. Davis might try, he is in no way viewed in the same light.

Mr. Davis now talks big about climate change and carbon credits.

But when did anyone hear him talk about any of these things before now?

I can’t help but think that these are newly discovered talking points meant to give him a platform on the world stage.

I have pored over one article after the other and looked intently at one speech after the other and I never saw any talks of carbon credits and climate change before Mr. Davis became prime minister in 2021. What a convenient epiphany!

Since the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) won, we have seen various complaints of victimization, spite and job insecurity by people — FNMs and perceived FNMs.

We have also seen people lose their jobs; for example, nearly all of the Urban Renewal workers who were sent home throughout the islands.

We have seen known and perceived PLPs paid large, undisclosed settlements from taxpayer funds.

We have seen members of the fourth estate bought out and we have watched as certain so-called media organs and news outlets completely sell out and advance unethical news reports, invade privacy and run whatever political you-say-I-say and other garbage that is sent to them.

Let’s hope that Philip Davis takes care of Cat Island this time! He has the power to do so. He controls the country’s purse strings.

He can now have roads built or put in a new airport. He can now run electrical lines, plant poles, lay pipes, build docks and carry out or instruct his ministers to carry out every infrastructural or social need. He can bring newness to Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador. He can now encourage new business and steer investments to those islands.

He is now the prime minister. He has no excuses.

So, rather than trying to copy Mia Mottley, perhaps Brave Davis should focus on Cat Island and The Bahamas.

Be known for being a doer, not a big talker.

Be known for doing the right thing.

Be known for being a statesman here first — one who delivers. Then, try to become a big shot hot stepper on the world stage!

We do not need a wannabe superstar. We do not need a strongman.

Our country needs a visionary leader right now.

We don’t want to see political opposites savaging each other.

We don’t need anyone to play politics.

We need someone to highlight our islands, to draw out the potential of our islands.


Curious Mind

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