Decriminalizing marijuana would be a bad idea

Dear Editor, 

The Bahamas marijuana commission deliberated for more than a year to determine the way forward on marijuana only to present the prime minister with an incomplete report.

They said they have been having meaningful dialogue with persons in the communities, yet this is all that they came up with.

Now they are saying they will have to go back to the people and take a survey. Really?

One would think that should have been done before their presentation.

Such a lackadaisical approach to a matter as serious as this leaves one wondering.

Something smells grassy here.

To rationalize it, we are being told that The Bahamas has a serious drug problem.

I believe their assignment was to do some research and see how best we can handle this concern, not tell us something that even the youngest school child could’ve told us.

Isn’t this what Dr. David Allen was saying for many years? Isn’t that why young people are before the magistrate every day?

Isn’t that why so many of our youth are in prison or Sandilands?

Isn’t that why so many young people are vagrants and are walking the streets aimlessly, dazed and confused?

Isn’t that why so many of our young men are murdered almost every other day, their lifeless, bullet-riddled bodies lying in the street?

Isn’t that why so many mothers’ pillows are constantly soaked in tears from their crying day and night?

While I can only speak for myself, I believe almost every Christian and every mother whose heart is being torn apart, whose health is failing slowly because of a child that is caught up in the drug and gang dilemma, are constantly on their knees calling out to God, praying for the nation and for their children; praying that that late at night knock on the door or that dreaded call never comes.

We all agree that expunging the records of persons charged with small amounts of grass is something we should address.

But what is a small amount?

Are you saying one ounce is a small amount?

With eight young persons in the same place and with each having an ounce, that is half of a pound.

Do you know how many people can get high on that much reefer?

Add some stitchie and that is an all day and night euphoria party.

It is being recommended that persons over 21 should be able to possess up to an ounce of weed at a time.

But because they all think alike and hang out together what is to stop them not only from sharing their ounce with an 18 or 17 year old, or even purchasing it for them or selling it to them?

It is a scientific fact that the rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until he reaches the age of 25 or thereabouts.

Commissioners, while conducting your surveys, I beg that you ask parents the hard questions of how they feel about the safety and mental wellbeing of their sons and daughters versus the great grass bonanza.

You have placed in the hands of the powers that be what they wanted to hear — that grass is big business and there is the possibility of heaping great tax revenues from this venture.

But decriminalizing marijuana, in my opinion and that of many others, is not a good one.

Honorable commissioners, are you willing to risk the future and the lives of the faithful, trusting, flock that has been placed in your care by taking them down such a slippery slope?

I’m just the messenger.

God save our Bahamaland.


– Anthony Pratt

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