Decrying hypocrisy 

Dear Editor,

It might be recalled that I have regularly opined that we in The Bahamas still refuse to confront the horror of slavery and the damage done to the descendants of the enslaved while we pay homage to the wealthy, White descendants of the White slave owners and overseers who abused generations of kidnapped persons during the period of enslavement.

We casually accept the government’s decisions to give away Crown land to foreigners instead of the Black poor.

We casually accept the government’s decision to give away Crown land in a government prepared subdivision (paid for by tax dollars from rich and poor!) in the west of New Providence to the “young professional”.

Many of these would likely be the children of the already privileged, while the poor Black descendants of the enslaved live in abject, landless poverty in central New Providence.

We accept the validity of the inherited wealth created on the backs of slaves but denigrate those few of us who publicly call for reparations owed because of pre-20th Century slavery.

We are denigrated because we say that Crown land should be transferred to their ownership and control.

We, like the Americans, live lies and most of our leaders and intelligentsia, like theirs, are hypocrites because most live in privileged circumstances and are really no longer a part of the poor and disadvantaged majority.

The people who live in this depressed category are apparently only there to be used, abused and pitied.

 Philip Smith 

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