Delon Kemp is a rising star scholar at LCIS

Delon Kemp Jr. was one of those children who made application to Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) for consideration for the third Thomson Trust Scholarship. He was a stellar applicant in the pool, but the award went to Kimya Poitier. Despite that, Delon’s academic brilliance was not lost on the school’s administration. When funding became available from a private donor wanting to make a profound difference in the life of a Bahamian child with a scholarship, and leaving it up to the school to determine the recipient, LCIS offered Delon the first Rising Star Scholar award.

“At first I was shocked,” said the 12-year-old former St. Cecilia’s Catholic School student. “I burst into tears and cried – but then, excitement kicked in, the tears turned into a big smile and I repeated these words over and over again, ‘I got it!’ I was filled with pride, honor and joy because I was the first person in my household to receive a scholarship.”

Delon’s scholarship will support his education at LCIS until his graduation from grade 12 in May 2028.

At LCIS, Delon has access to one of the most prestigious educational programs available in the world – the International Baccalaureate (IB).

As a seventh-grade student, he enters the IB Middle Years Programme, which will guide his studies until the end of grade 10. New subjects that Delon has enjoyed studying have included design, and individuals and societies, and all of his subjects take an inquiry and concept-based approach that is unique to the IB.

Thrilled to join the school which boasts 50 free co-curricular activities for students each semester, Delon said, “I’m also excited about facing new academic challenges and participating in new activities like archery and sailing. I’ll be able to meet new people and experience new things.”

For his 11 and 12th-grades studies, Delon will be able to decide between the gold standard IB Diploma Programme and the more recently developed IB Career-Related Programme. Both pathways offer students premium preparation for university study and 21st-century skills that are needed to be leaders in today’s careers.

David Mindorff, LCIS principal, said the school appreciates the generosity of its donors and is continually seeking opportunities to expand the number of students who can benefit from the education LCIS provides.

“During our last admissions season, Delon stood out as a stellar academic who was also well rounded in sports and languages. I will never forget when he immediately began to sing for the interview team when we were asking questions about his talents. His confidence and academic curiosity will help him to thrive in our learning community,” said Mindorff.

The son of LeMelle and Delon Kemp Sr., Delon entered LCIS with a 3.75 grade point average (GPA). Part of his academic background included being promoted from K3 to K5.

According to LCIS, admissions testing showed that Delon would greatly benefit from the inquiry-driven IB curriculum at LCIS.

Delon’s extracurricular activities include karate, playing soccer, coding, gamer, singing and art.

He’s a multilinguist and speaks English and Spanish.

His hobbies include writing and illustrating comics, and reading. He has also been working on a project to build his own computer using a frame and spare parts that his father has helped him to source.

The Tuition Assistance program at LCIS continues to grow, making $785,000 available to Bahamian students in the 2021-22 school year. 

Over the last two years, the school has more than doubled the number of awards available. 

Parents are encouraged to inquire with the school to learn more about admissions and tuition assistance by visiting

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