Different strokes 

Dear Editor,

The United States of America (USA) has been and is one of the greatest international friends of The Bahamas. Our relationship goes back for generations.

The USA has been and is a reliable trade partner and a country that has stood with and supported us through countless natural disasters.

On a regular basis, we are provided with military and marine assistance. The bulk of our tourists originate from the USA.

I hope that the Davis administration will continue to enhance this critical relationship.

The USA, like many other countries around the world, used to be a slave-owning nation. Blacks were forced or sold into slavery by both White and Black persons. The European colonizers wanted a cheap source of labor for their overseas territories in the New World and many African Blacks would themselves capture their rivals and sell them off to the White and Black slave traders.

They were then transported via cramped and unsanitary ships to the New World where they were sold at auctions to plantation owners and others to work the cotton and other fields. Some became house Negroes while many of the women were used to satisfy the sexual lusts of the White masters; a sad fact of history but it is what it was.

Some opine that White people, even to this very day, do not like or respect black, brown and yellow people in the USA and around the world. While there is some truth to this, Blacks ourselves tend to discriminate against people of color, especially if you are from Africa or Haiti.

Under the presidency of Joe Biden, hundreds of thousands of people from Central and South America have gained access to entry into the USA.

Once they successfully cross the southern border of the USA, in most cases, especially where there are minor children involved, they are welcomed into that country.

They are given a slip for an immigration court date and released into the communities. While awaiting their hearings, they are allowed, in most cases, to work and to receive social and economic benefits.

I, along with the entire world, was shocked to see border patrol agents in full uniforms and on horseback, flogging, whipping and rounding up Black Haitians at the southern border like cattle! You will never see such agents, on horseback, treating Mexicans, Colombians or any others from that region in the same manner.

From legacy days, White people do not publicly beat or mistreat other Whites or people of a similar hue.

If you are a Black Haitian, you are rounded up like cattle, processed and almost immediately placed on an aircraft bound for Haiti in most cases.

I understand that some Haitian families with children have been allowed to cross into the USA. If you are a single man or woman, however, you are subject to immediate deportation back to a life of misery, insecurity and getting caught up in intergang violence.

One must not forget that a devastating earthquake struck Haiti a few weeks ago just after her President Moïse was brutally killed while at home with his family.

What I find amazing is that Black people in the USA support and voted for Biden and the democrats in droves during the elections last November! Not a single high-profiled Black-American politician has raised his/her voice to decry this apparent inhumane treatment.

Biden has let in tens of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan and certain European nations, but if you are a Black Haitian, get your tail back home! This is pure racial discrimination, in my view. COMMON CAUSE, a nonprofit civic and economic organization, which I am privileged to lead, cries shame on the hapless Biden administration. There would appear to be different strokes for different folks in the USA when it comes down to illegal immigration or migration.

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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