Disagreement with the pro-capital punishment view

Dear Editor,

Boy! What an outlandishly misguided letter to the editor I read in Monday’s edition of The Guardian: “The blood of 1,600 murdered Bahamians cries out”. At first glance I thought I may agree with the letter writer. But, as I went on reading, I realized that his type of thinking scares the absolute hell out of me.

He states, “The government has the biblical mandate to carry out the death penalty.” Wow. 2018, and some of us are still thinking like this?

Evans took the time to list the countries that have higher murder rates, but failed to mention the number of Christian scholars, Christian institutions and Christians who simply believe he is totally and unequivocally wrong on capital punishment.

First off, I am no Christian scholar, however I do hold in high esteem, “Amnesty International, the United Nations, Rights Bahamas and other freethinking, liberal organizations”. I try to imagine what this world would truly look like but for the work of so many of these “liberal” institutions. It would not be prettier in the least. But, having gone to Catholic kindergarten, Catholic grade school, Catholic high school and Catholic college, some of the Christian stuff did stick on me.

“Thou shall not kill”. Is there a clearer mandate?

Unless, the original Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic weren’t translated properly into Greek and then at some point down the long line translated into English, could perhaps the words have gotten jumbled over how many hundreds of years?

Given the anecdotal evidence of how many fatal, permanent mistakes have been made in the U.S. alone since the advent of DNA testing, one could only wonder about the thousands, tens of thousands, of innocent people who were killed.

The danger with Evans’ vengeful retribution mindset and desire to kill is that regarding capital punishment he has been proven to be wrong on every aspect he attempts to logically argue. It is not a deterrent. Study after study has supported this. It satisfies nothing but a primal urge and does not deal with the root problem of the breakdown of our society. What these “liberal” organizations Evans chastises have done is to provide the truth, as opposed to the distortions Evans would like us to believe.

Evans and a lot of Bahamians think hanging someone will solve the problem. But, I tend to think, along with many others, that violence, quite simply, breeds more violence. I think Martin Luther King Jr. was absolutely right on this point. But, thinking like Evans does save the time of actually doing the work of learning and implementing methods of truly improving the lot of all society. Something the “church”, despite the long history of evangelical Christianity here, has completely failed to do. Let’s just hang ‘em and murders will go down, and our society will be one big Christian brotherhood again.

Evans closes his close-minded tirade with the following sentence, “But someone will have to pay for ending the lives of 1,600 human beings.”

There are others, perhaps even yourself Mr. Evans, who have been warned of being judge, jury and executioner. Something you seem to claim the right to do in condemning another to death.

No, Mr. Evans, your thinking absolutely scares me, and god forbid should you ever get into a position of power here. I believe you are dead wrong on capital punishment.

– Porcupine

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