Disappointed FNM has not condemned Bennett Minnis’ hateful remarks

Dear Editor,

I am perplexed that the xenophobic remarks of Bennett Minnis, a long-serving MCM of the FNM, haven’t been condemned by the party’s leaders and the chairman, Carl Culmer, who has a voice in everything beyond his pay grade. Why has Minnis, chairman of Mount Moriah Constituency Association and director of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, not been asked to resign? Why has he not done the honorable thing and resign as honorable men do? His myopic views in this technological age are outdated, as he, in making such stupid statements, leaves one to wonder if this is the type of leadership that we need today. Instead of educating the populace, his spewing of hateful and racist views is not one we expect from someone in his position.  

I am disappointed in how quiet the leadership of the FNM has been on this!

– Kelly D. Burrows

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