Disappointed in businesses post plastic ban

Dear Editor,

I am perplexed at the response of certain businesses to the implementation of the first phase of the single-use plastics ban.

A very clear deadline was given for when the ban would be implemented.

Businesses, grocery stores in particular, had ample opportunity to plan so that their customers could have a seamless transition on January 1, 2020.

It seems customers only had one of three options available to them if making grocery store purchases: bring your own reusable bag, buy a reusable bag (if available) or pay 25 cents for a soon-to-be-banned plastic bag.

These businesses never seemed to contemplate the most obvious response they should have had, which was to find suitable replacement bags for customers patronizing their businesses.

Having a reusable bag should be discretionary, not forced on a customer.

Patrons are asked to pay 25 cents for a plastic bag to discourage the use of them, so don’t businesses have a duty to provide their customers with a bag for purchases made in their stores?

After all, nothing is free. These businesses pass on the cost of bags to the customers anyway.

It seems ridiculous that such a simple matter could create so much confusion!

– JB

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