Disappointment at oil drilling plan

Dear Editor,

I find it extremely disappointing and sad that our prime minister does not have the fortitude and strength to quash the idea of drilling for oil in The Bahamas, immediately.

It shines a light on our collective mentality, especially of those in government, that we are willing to beg the world community for money and assistance in fighting the effects of climate change, mainly rising sea levels and increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes, and yet refuse to acknowledge our own participation and responsibility in these events.

As a trained medical doctor, scientifically oriented, how can Dr. Minnis refuse to accept, or even fail to mention what the overwhelming scientific community is saying?

The burning of fossil fuels is driving climate change. What hope is there for a country that remains so ignorant, or disinterested in the realities facing us?

Is it not the epitome of hypocrisy to ask for help in putting out a fire when we are continuing to throw gasoline on it?

Are we all that dumbed down, so helpless in thinking this through, so concerned only with our own salaries, that we cannot see what is going on here and speak out? I fear the answer.

– Norman Trabulsy Jr.

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