Disgruntlement with the Davis administration is unwarranted

Dear Editor,

I was catching up on some reading on the Internet news site Bahamas Press and was shocked to come across four anti-Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) submissions that were penned over the past several days.

Those, coupled with an anti-PLP tweet, are probably being interpreted by its readership as buyer’s remorse towards the nascent administration of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis by the anonymous editor of the news site.

In fairness to Davis, his party has been in government for less than a month. The criticisms being leveled at the PLP appear to be premature, unreasonable and unfair.

The only boo-boo committed by this administration would be the cumbersome restrictions being saddled on the media houses by the newly appointed press secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Clint Watson.

This seems to be Watson’s shrewd way of protecting the administration from what he did for years towards the former Free National Movement (FNM) government on “Beyond the Headlines”.

I believe that what Watson is proposing will be mostly disregarded by Davis and his Cabinet ministers.

True freedom of the press is paramount for a healthy democracy, something that even Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels understood.

In any case, the editor of Bahamas Press appears to be disgruntled and disillusioned about the PLP for its refusal to thoroughly purge the civil service of alleged FNMs.

That Davis has ignored the tribalistic calls to persecute FNM government workers isn’t sitting well with the Bahamas Press editor and other rabid PLPs.

Hence, the unreasonable bickering and complaints on Facebook and Twitter by these disgruntled PLPs, who are expecting Davis to fix an economy left decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Dorian.

The civil service is already overstaffed. The reality of our financial situation precludes the possibility of mass hirings we are accustomed to seeing after every election cycle.

COVID-19 has presented the political directorate with an unusual dilemma. Many of the PLP campaign generals and foot soldiers will not get to enjoy the spoils of victory.

By refusing to harm his political opponents, Davis is demonstrating a level of political maturity that is progressive and a breath of fresh air that a deeply polarized nation needs.

Davis understands that, fresh out of a divisive election cycle, The Bahamas needs healing.

Kevin Evans

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