DNA on resignation of Senate president

Dear Editor,

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) notes the resignation of Senate President Katherine Forbes-Smith in pursuit of greener pastures and better compensation within the newly established Disaster Reconstruction Authority.

The reality is that the Free National Movement (FNM) has been a disaster over the last three years they have been in office. This heartless and inept administration has continued to embarrass and place more taxes on the Bahamian people since they assumed office almost three years ago.

The DNA maintains that the government’s response to Hurricane Dorian has been chaotic and unstructured. The Bahamian people are now being asked to pay for a minister for Grand Bahama, parliamentary secretary for Abaco, Abaco hurricane coordinators, Grand Bahama hurricane coordinators and the new Disaster Reconstruction Authority. This despite the fact that government already allocates a budget for NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) which falls under the prime minister’s responsibility.

This increased bureaucracy comes at an additional expense to taxpayers who are being burdened by an increase in value-added tax (VAT) to 12 percent, $650 million borrowing for BPL and another $507 million to finance the fiscal deficit. This is after they increased their food and travel budgets. Just how much more does this out-to-lunch crew want from struggling Bahamians?

The prime minister, with his recent appointments, has continued his partisan governance style which only rewards FNMs while ordinary Bahamians are overlooked.

It is clear that just like the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), the FNM’s mantra remains: contracts and jobs for family, friends and lovers. The DNA is the only vehicle for real change and meritocracy in The Bahamas.


Omar B. Smith, chairman of the Democratic National Alliance

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