Doctor convicted of rape

A Supreme Court jury on Friday, September 16, convicted Dr. Gerald Mark Forbes of the rape of a 20-year-old woman 12 years ago.

The jury of seven women and one man deliberated for an hour and 20 minutes before returning with a 7-1 guilty verdict.

Senior Justice Bernard Turner set a sentencing hearing for November 11 after defense lawyer Miranda Adderley requested a probation report to assist the court in deciding a suitable penalty.

Forbes, who was on bail during his trial, has been remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services until then.

Prosecutors accused Forbes of forcing himself on the woman after he tricked her into letting him into her office around 7 a.m. on March 9, 2010.

The victim worked in the plaza where Forbes ran his clinic, Carmichael Medical. A few days before the assault, Forbes asked the woman if she could answer the phone to the clinic when he wasn’t there. On the day in question, he came to her workplace ostensibly to bring the cordless phone.

However, once inside, Forbes, now 52, allegedly manhandled the woman and raped her in the bathroom.

A doctor, who examined the woman shortly after, said that she was sad, depressed and had contusions to her genitals.

Forbes, who took the witness stand against the advice of his lawyers, claimed that he and the woman “had good, passionate sex” in the bathroom.

According to him, they sent each other hundreds of sexts after exchanging cell phone numbers on March 5.

Forbes alleged that although he and the woman were both single, they decided to keep their love affair secret.

He claimed that they had arranged hook-ups over the weekend of March 6 and 7 that never materialized.

On March 8, he alleged that he and the woman kissed and petted each other in an examination room of his clinic while his staff was there.

He said that they didn’t have sex then because he didn’t have a condom.

The following day, Forbes claimed that the woman called him to her workplace and told him she was alone.

He said he accepted the invitation and put on a Magnum condom before they had sex in multiple positions.

Forbes alleged that the woman’s demeanor and attitude changed after a male friend came to the office to check on her.

He said this surprised him because she had claimed that they were “just friends”.

Forbes also alleged that the rape allegation was an attempt to extort $20,000 from him.

However, prosecution witnesses never had the chance to respond to those scenarios because they were never suggested during cross-examination.

Acting Deputy DPP Cordell Frazier and Karine MacVean prosecuted. Devard Francis also appeared for the defense.

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