Doongalik Studios to open Burnside Library 

Doongalik Studios is expected to open the Jackson L. Burnside III Library and Research Centre for public use as of May 11, the 11th anniversary of his death. The late Jackson Burnside was a well-known Bahamian architect, artist, cultural advocate, and Junkanooer.

To mark the 10th anniversary last year, Doongalik was officially rebranded to showcase Burnside’s artwork and designs for viewing along with a selection of Bahamian books, DVDs, exclusive ceramic art, and woodwork for sale, and to mark the establishment of the library and research center which will be suitable for high school and tertiary students by appointment only. At that time, only the library’s architecture section had been completed with hundreds of Burnside’s personal books fully labeled, catalogued, and shelved.

This year marks the completion of the other research areas comprised of publications on art, Junkanoo and design reference, Bahamian history, and business. The JLBIII Library Catalogue, which now lists close to 1,000 publications, will be accessed at the Doongalik website under the library page where users will also find other relevant information.

Pam Burnside, Jackson’s widow and owner of Doongalik, said they are happy that the library will be open for use by the public.

“My husband’s passion was collecting books. He was an avid seeker of knowledge and would be pleased to know that the Bahamian public can now access his beloved publications for their own enlightenment.”

The library will also house digitized recordings of a variety of Jackson’s weekly “Junkanoo Talks” radio shows which he developed along with his co-host, Arlene Nash-Ferguson, over a period of 13 years at various radio stations; as well as his many speeches and extensive writings.

“This mammoth task would not have been possible without the professional assistance of Librarian Penelope Nottage who has worked tirelessly over many months.”

Gallery hours are Monday through Wednesday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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