Dorian’s aftermath, what must it look like?

Dear Editor,

I have given some time to ponder the moment in time in which we live.

The fact of the matter is that this could not have been anticipated by anyone. I am reminded of the last monster which traversed The Bahamas and proceeded to utterly destroy New Orleans. The name of the storm was Katrina. We were fortunate that Katrina had plans for destinations other than the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

New Orleans comes to mind because of the brigadier general who assumed command and control of the post-hurricane effort. Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore, I believe was his name.

Dorian was the monster from hell, hell-bent on the destruction of our people and their lives. I do not, I cannot, fault our efforts to date to answer the needs of our people.

Prime Minister, we simply do not appear to have the resources or personnel to rise to this occasion. Dorian has set a new, terrifying record, a new standard to which we must rise and adjust.

To that end, we dare to suggest that this mammoth effort will involve an effort of a military nature, one which will require the suspension of constitutional norms to restore and maintain order.

It will also necessitate the appointment of a single commander answerable to the Cabinet with the specific objective which is to execute the short to near-term recovery, the price tag we will have to bear.

It is no time to row.

Fayne Thompson

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