Dr. Albert Ferguson releases pocket-size book to assist new Christians on their journey

The Christian journey should not be as though one is walking with a blindfold on but, for the new Christian, walking with a blindfold on is exactly how they may feel, according to Dr. Albert S. Ferguson, who has penned a pocket-size book, “Transitioning: Getting On Your Feet As A New Christian”, written, he said, to take the blindfold off and designed to help everyone who embarks on the road of Christianity.

Ferguson said the booklet is a resource for people which focuses on a few central points that make the spiritual life of a new Christian stronger and more successful.

Broken down into seven units, Ferguson’s booklet takes his audience through an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand expression of what it means to begin and sustain life as a Christian.

As more people turn to Christian spiritual grounding as a way of living, he said it is crucial that a guide is available to help them stay the course.

“No longer will people wonder if they are truly saved, or be confused by the foundational concepts of the faith,” said Ferguson in a written press release. “Instead, readers are certain to not only understand much more about the life of a Christian, but they will also be motivated to study the scriptures supplied, on their own.”

He said it is critical for the new Christian to understand that his/her rescue from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God wasn’t simple – or as simple as merely walking to the altar at the front of a church, repeating words after a speaker or preacher, or displaying emotions.

“Such actions were not capable of accomplishing salvation. His/her salvation took the work of the entire Trinity. This booklet explains this, showing how the Holy Spirit and grace actually made it possible for the new Christian to say yes to Jesus. It explains, in simple terms, the meaning of essential biblical truths such as justification and sanctification. It explains the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Then, it outlines essential considerations for maturing as a new Christian and provides helpful counsel for growing daily to become more Christ-like.”

Ferguson said before Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, Christ commanded his disciples and, by extension, all Christian believers, to go and preach the gospel, and to make disciples of all men. And that all who believe and are baptized will be saved and all who refuse to believe will receive the punishment of eternal damnation in hell, the consequence and just punishment for their sins and their sinful natures inherited from the disobedience of Adam, the first man.

“Every Christian ought to be about the business of making new disciples of Christ – about leading sinners to Jesus. Therefore, every Christian ought to possess a handy resource which they can give to the new Christians they lead to Christ. Every Christian ought to know a new Christian – someone recently won to Jesus. All Christians passionately involved in their ‘marching orders’ to make disciples will find this handy resource for new Christians to be a godsend,” he said.

In addition to individual or self-study, the pocket-sized training manual is designed for use in new converts classes led by pastors/pastoral staff or in small-group new members induction meetings. Ferguson said pastors, lay ministers and believers throughout the Christian faith are able to use this book to have structured conversations with new believers, ensuring their growth and maturity, thereby strengthening the Body of Christ – the Christian church.

According to Ferguson, “Transitioning: Getting On Your Feet As A New Christian”, is user-friendly for all new Christians.

“It embraces only the basic biblical principles of Christianity. It is not connected to, or concerned with, particular doctrinal positions which may be held by some Christian denominations and Christian religious groupings.”

He said the book makes a point, throughout, of alerting new Christians that Satan, the enemy of their souls, will never be happy that they have forsaken him and his sinful, deceptive and duplicitous lifestyles.

“Satan is boiling mad! Satan wants all of the new Christians back! Furthermore, being ‘born again’ was instantaneous, but the transition out of Satan’s kingdom of darkness is a process which does not occur overnight. That’s why this resource is so important for new Christians.”

Unit seven is dedicated to exposing and giving a “heads up” regarding some of Satan’s commonly used schemes, attacks and operations against new Christians, overt and covert. Bible-based instructions for resisting and overcoming them are given alongside. The booklet can be sourced from

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