Dr. Gillian Curry-Williams and The Tribe host a women’s deliverance conference with a view to renew, rebuild and restore

With women faced with challenges, some losing hope and succumbing to pressure, it is Dr. Gillian Curry-Williams’ belief that when women connect, a change will happen. It is Curry-Williams’ desire to uplift and transform.

Curry-Williams and The Tribe will host a two-day women’s deliverance conference under the theme, “Renew. Rebuild. Restore.” with Minister Kevin L. A. Ewing, out of Grand Bahama, as the guest speaker.

She promises an event that will be “life-changing, transformative and uplifting”.

Curry-Williams said she sees the importance of a good connection and a positive “tribe”.

This conference will be held at The Balmoral Club, Sanford Drive, on May 6 at 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 5 p.m.) and on Saturday, May 7, at 10 a.m. (doors open at 8 a.m.).

Ewing is known specifically for his teachings on spiritual warfare and dream interpretation, and is of the view that the spirit world is the parent world to the natural world and that whatever transpires in the spirit world is continuously seeking permission to manifest its will in the natural world.

Conference hosts describe Ewing as “a profound and detailed teacher” who they say dissects the word of God, so that even a child can understand it.

“His teachings are littered with scriptures, and he believes that the scriptures are the spiritual laws and principles that govern the spirit as well as the physical realm,” they wrote in a press release.

Ewing, they say, is of the view that the lack of knowledge as it relates to spiritual laws and principles are continuously determining failure or success for believers of Jesus Christ.

According to conference hosts, Ewing is convinced that God has outfitted every human being with the tools of dreaming and that their dreams are spiritual monitors that peer into the spirit realm revealing excerpts of what is pending in the spirit world for their lives or the lives of others.

Ewing is also the host of “The Spiritual Insight Show” on radio. He is also the administrator, producer, and writer for his blog, “Journey into God’s Word”; his YouTube channel, along with monthly ministerial teaching conference calls.

Tickets for both sessions are $75, including COVID testing, and can be had via WhatsApp at 242-818-9764.

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