Dr. Phillip Wellington Thompson, MBBS, F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S., F.C.C.S

Funeral service for the late Dr. Phillip Wellington Thompson, MBBS, F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S., F.C.C.S age 72 years of South Lucayan Tower, Freeport, Grand Bahama and formerly of New Providence will be held on Thursday October 1st, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at St. Agnes Anglican Church Baillou Hill Road, Grants Town, Nassau, Bahamas. Officiating will be Archdeacon Keith N. Cartwright, Archbishop Drexel W. Gomez, Canon Warren H Rolle, Rev’d Dr. James Moultrie, Deacon Peter L. Ferguson and Deacon Ruel J. Strachan. Interment will follow in St. Agnes Cemetery Nassau Street, The Bahamas

He was Pre-Deceased by: Parents: William and Cashena Thompson; Brothers: Venerable Arch Deacon William Edward Thompson, Adopted Brother: William R. Wallace; Sister: Jesslyn Thompson;

He Is Survived by: Brother: Retired Assistant Bishop Gilbert A. Thompson; Sister: Veronica Hutchinson; Sisters- in-law: Olga L. Thompson & Rose Marie Thompson; Children: Dion (Gillian) Thompson, Erald (Joyanne) Thompson, Tamara (Greg) Belinfanti, Phillip A. Burrowes, Phillippa, Dr. Phillip W., Michael, Tamia & Milahn Thompson; Grandchildren: Joshua, Eraise, Hannah, Tristen, Matthew & Erald Thompson Iii, Eleanor, Julian & Gabrielle Belinfanti; Nephews: Gilbert Thompson (Dr. Jahzreel), And Calvin Smith Jr.; Nieces: Maude Angela Williams, Heather Ann Maynard (Clement Ii), Pamela Rodgers, Phillipa Rolle & Colette Knowles, Terez & Lesley Hutchinson, Antoinette Hutchinson-Nouguez; Grandnieces: Kennadya Rodgers-Archibald (William), Falon Williams, Amelia & Mary Maynard, Piya Barnett And Phillippa Rolle; Grandnephews: Gilbert Jr & James Thompson, Paul Barnett Iii & Justyn Rolle; Special Friend: Dr. Monique Pratt God Children: Valentina Green, Travano Mcphee, Kahsheriff Munnings, Kendra Jones, Dr. Symone  Sawyer, Dr. Joh Neely, Jameka Dean, Mathias Dean, Jewel Dean, Akilah Gibson, Javin Smith, Alissa Gibson, Enrico Fitzgerald, Taria Bain, Mikhail Dean, Dr. Candice Shaw; Numerous Cousins Including: Audley & Zelma Dean & Family, Maria Ferguson & Family, Kirkland Brown & Family, Whittington Brown & Family, Father Whitfield Hutcheson & Family, Jerry Hutcheson & Family, Albert Hutcheson & Family, Edward Hutcheson & Family, Janet Hutcheson & Family Victor Hutcheson & Family, Maurice Hutcheson & Family, James Hutcheson & Family Billy Brown & Family, The Family of the Late H.W. Brown, Gwen Moncur & Family Andrea Pinder & Family, Melanie Hepburn & Family, Irma Hepburn & Family Leonard Hutcheson Jr. & Family, The Family of the Late Cardinal Hutcheson, Nellie Strachan & Family, The Family of the Late Rodney Braynen, Shelagh Strachan & Family Elsie Strachan & Family, Gloria Strachan & Family, The Family of the Late Hugh Strachan, Brenda Archer & Family, Kingsley Robinson & Family, The Family of the Late Anzlo Strachan, Dr. Leslie Culmer & Family, Dr. Kirklyn Culmer & Family, Sanford Culmer & Family, Stuart Culmer & Family, Raymond H. Culmer & Family, Ingrid Culmer, The Family of the Late Van Bethell, The Family of the Late Pa Bethell, Earl Bethell & Family, Craig Bethell & Family, Oswald & Coral Sawyer & Family, The Family of the Late Ermath Munroe, Alma Adams & Family, Pat Paul & Family, Kendal (Funky) And Rev Emily Demeritte & Family, Maureen Rahming & Family, Gwen Reed & Family, Courtney Strachan & Family, Rosie Fernander-Samuda & Familythe Family of the Late Mrs. Merle Coakley, The Family of the Late Calsey Johnson, Ivan & Florence Deveaux, Edward & Beverly Deveaux, Emily Osadabey & Family;  Other Family Members Including: Madge Morrison, Edris Thompson (Ex-Wife), Dr. Anne Burrowes, Jan Lundy Michele Thompson (Ex-Wife), Charmaine Knowles, Rosalia Bowe, Karen Marshall (FPO); Numerous Friends Including: The Most Honorable Dr. Hubert Minnis & Mrs. Patricia Minnis, The Honorable Philip “Brave” Davis & Mrs. Ann-Marie Davis, The Right Honorable Perry Christie& Mrs. Bernadette Christie, The Right Honorable Hubert Ingraham & Mrs. Delores Ingraham, Prince & Willie Francis & Family, Arthur Gibson & Family, Paula Gibson-Balfe, Keith A. McSweeney & Family, Felix Stubbs & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Chipman & Family, Arnold “Bain Boy” Bain & Family, Bernard Storr & Family, Jeffrey August Williams & Family, The Family Of The Late John Chipman, Mr. & Mrs. Percy “Vola” Francis & Family, Willis “Kool Aid” Bain & Family, The Family Of The Late Winston “Gus” Cooper, Alexander (“Lick”) And Vadie Green & Family, Toby Austin& Family, Herbert Styles Sr. & Family, Eugene (“Sparky”) Fountain & Family, Willamae Cravatt & Family, Ethlyn Ferguson & Family, Emily Munnings & Family, Franklyn (“Bob”) Taylor & Family, Kendal “Kc” Campbell & Family, Jameko “Air Time” Dean, Gregory “Pepper” Clarke & Family, Anton Dean & Family, Eddie Dames & Family, Shawn “Carwash” Smith & Family, Winston “Shem” Sherman & Family, Members Of The Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Group, Especially His Bretheren And Adopted Junkanoo Sons From The Park Boyz Shack: D. Wright, Peter Runks, The Major Family, The Lee Family, Donny Stuart, Lennie Rolle, Selvin Rolle, J. Lee & Stacy, Bonehead, Glen, Naboo, Arrow, Big Laing, Limpy, Elliott, T. Pratt, Leo, Frank, Gregory, Vonnie, Cheryl, Alley, Bodie, Pee-Wee, Fat Boy, All Da Lifters, Moxey (Welder), Neville (Air Brush), Neilly’s Family, ‘Merican, Carl And All Of The People Of Mason’s Addition, The Honorable Algernon Allen & Dame Anita Allen, Samuel “Bookie” & Inez Johnson & Family, Maurice & Lynn Glinton & Family, Dr. Marcus Bethel & Family, Dr. Paul Ward & Family, Dr. Pamela Etuk & Family, Dr. Paul Hunt & Family, Dr. Vincent Burton & Family, Dr. Robert Gibson & Family, Dr. Nigel Lewis And Family, Dr. Danny Johnson & Family, Dr. Herbert Orlander & Family, Dr. Candice Shaw & Family, Dr. Ronald Knowles & Family, Dr. Patrick Whitfield & Family, Dr. Robin Roberts & Family, Dr. Adrian Sawyer & Family, Dr. Nelson Clarke & Family, Drs. Larry & Carol Carroll & Family, Dr. Charles Rahming & Family, Dr. Conville Brown & Family, Dr. Percievel Mcneil & Family, Kayla J. Hield, Sylvia Moxey, Josslee Hepburn, Diocesan Bishop Laish Z. Boyd Jr. & Family, Retired Archbishop Drexel W. Gomez & Family, The Venerable Arch- Deacon Keith Cartwright, Reverend Ranfurly Brown & Family, Fr. Hugh Bartlett & Family, Reverend Wesley Thompson & Family, Gevon Moss & Family, The Anglican Men Church Council, Clergy of the Anglican Diocese, Amos McPhee & Family, The Staff At The Princess Margaret Hospital, The Staff at the Rand Memorial Hospital, The Staff At Sunrise Medical Center, The Staff At Physicians Alliance Limited, The Medical, Surgical And Administration Staff At Lucayan Medical Center, The Government High School Class of ’66 & ’67, The University of The West Indies Medical Class Of 1975, The Caribbean College Of Surgeons, Lorna Johnson & Family, Melanie Roach, Doris Cargill & Family, Rosemarie Hanna & Family, Valentine Grimes & Family, Philip Stubbs & Family, Susanne Bain & Family, Roger Simmons & Family, Patrick Williams, Beverly Wallace Whitfield, Gerald & Barbara Sawyer & Family, Dr. Wesley Francis & Family, Sir Franklyn & Lady Sharon Wilson, Laverne Major & Family, Andy Gomez & Family, Patrell Rolle-Morrison, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Major & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Hillary Deveaux & Family, John & Charlene Neely & Family, Adalee Wisseh & Family, Anthony Woodside & Family, Clifford “Cliffie” Humes, Melverna Wong & Family, Patricia Isaacs & Family, Irringtion (“Minky”) Isaacs & Siblings, Ednol & Andrea Smith & Family, Lenworth Smith & Family, John “Moon” Archer & Family, Francis “Gordo” Hunt, Anton Saunders & Family, Stan Burnside & Family, The Late Jackson Burnside, Pamela Burnside & Family, Family of the Late Tyrone “Dr. Off” Fitzgerald, Family Of The Late Zeus Samuels, Family Of The Late Sir Arlington & Lady Sheila Butler, Family Of The Late Brother (“Bree”) & Corinne Fountain, Clint Mccartney & Family, Kim Major & Family, The Staff Of McCartney’s Pharmacy, Villel Reed & Family, Lana Gatrey & Family, Berkoff Davis, Cheryl Turnquest, Peter Adderley, Franklyn & Pandora Pratt & Family, Evia Hill & Family, Richard “Spider” Marshall & Family, Pauline Knowles, Gurney & Debbie Armstrong & Family, Mitzi Swaby, Kingsley “Redneck” Pickering, Godfrey & Julian Edgecombe, Emmanuel Wallace, Leslie “Red” Darville, John Fraser, Jacqueline Finlayson, Silbert & Arlene Ferguson & Family, David Musgrove & Family, Keva McKinney & Family, Charlie Major Iii & Family, Conra & Lorn “Caffee” Mccartney & Family, Claudia Ferguson & Family, Ricardo “Ala Cup” Richardson & Family, Christopher Richardson & Family, Paul “Teddy Bear” Lightbourne & Family, Isaiah Taylor & Family, Anishka Smith & Family, Ricardo Deal, Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert Mackenzie & Family, The Family of The Late Rupert “Sexy” Miller, Mrs. Paula Miller, Gladstone “Moon” Mcphee & Family, Phil “Big Mama” Stubbs & Family, Alphaeus “Hawk” Finlayson & Family, Anthony Braynen & Family, Dr. Phillip Huyler & Family, Mrs. Janeen Mccartney & Family, Sonia Dames & Family, Ches & Debbie Wood, Glen Archer & Family, Arthur Duncombe, The “Farm Road” Community, Ali Campbell & Family, Adam Campbell and The Crew At “Somewhere Lounge” In Freeport, GB, Kelley and The Crew At “The Hurricane Lounge” In Freeport, GB, Campbell Cleare & Family, Andrew Conliffe & Family, Rodney Williams & Family, Darren Bastian & Family, Greg “Sir Harry” Woodside, Max Woodside, Dr. Ken Newbold & Family, Rudy Stubbs and family, Roosie Godet and Family, Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Burrows & Family, Dean Patrick & Mrs. Astrid Adderley & Family.

**If Your Name Has Been Inadvertently Omitted It Was Not Intentional **

Viewing will be held in the Halcyon Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Tuesday & Wednesday from 10: 00 am to 6:00 pm there will be no viewing at St. Agnes Anglican Church.

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