Dr. Pinto has treated almost 100 men for erectile dysfunction

Bahamian urologist Dr. Greggory Pinto said he’s embarking on a medical tourism endeavor aimed at tackling erectile dysfunction through penile implant prosthesis surgery or the “bionic penis”.

He said he began this venture in The Bahamas late last year, and has treated nearly 100 men in The Bahamas already.

“It’s in full swing,” Pinto said.

“We already have patients from Europe, in particular, a few from North America, and of course we’ve done local cases that have been a great success already.

“We use fake names and it’s completely anonymous. There’s no paper trail. 

“So, you can wrap it (the procedure) up as a great vacation in The Bahamas – sea, sand and sun. Then, you come back a new man in many ways.” 

Pinto said erectile dysfunction affects every man at some point in their life to some degree. 

He noted that erectile dysfunction is often an indicator of something more sinister going on in the body, whether it’s undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension. 

The urologist also advised men to avoid unregulated medication from the gas station because while they may work for a year or two, profound damage may develop, making it difficult to reverse the problem. 

Pinto added that men that are diabetic usually have this condition 15 years earlier than their non-diabetic counterparts. 

“We have a huge population of diabetic men in this country,” Pinto said. 

“For the population itself, it is estimated that one in seven Bahamians is either diabetic or pre-diabetic.

“So, it’s an overwhelming number of our population.

“Unfortunately, because of that, there’s a large amount of men that live their lives in despair, in darkness and secrecy because they’re no longer able to have a good erection again.” 

He said that sickle cell disease can also considerably affect a man’s erection. 

“There are teenagers, people in their 20s and their 30s who will never get an erection again because of sickle cell disease,” Pinto said. 

“So, that means a young man who has their whole life ahead of them will never be able to have a sexual life, will never be able to have a child, will never be able to get married.

“They’ll live their life with low self-esteem, withdrawn from society, never having a relationship.

“This can give them that light. This can make their life go from darkness to light.”

He added that the device used in the procedure is self-contained, making it undetectable to sexual partners. 

The device is placed minimally invasive, without having a single incision to the penis itself and leaving minimal scarring. 

Pinto said the device also has a long durability, having a revision rate of 25 years. 

“All you’d have to do is basically press a button in your scrotum, and you’d have an erection immediately for as long as you want,” he said. 

The cost of this procedure is estimated at $25,000. 

Pinto said that he has performed the surgery on men as young as 19 and as old as 95.

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