E.P. Roberts Primary School wins first School Pride Video Competition

E.P. Roberts Primary School beat seven competitors to win the first School Pride Video Competition.

Participants were judged on creativity, messaging, technical organization, overall production and the amount of Facebook likes received. The winners received laptops, cell phones and medals for their submissions.

Palmdale Primary School was second.

H.O. Nash Junior High School was third.

Eight schools participated in the contest designed to encourage students to be proud of their places of learning. Old Bight Primary School, Sandilands Primary School, Jack Hayward Jr. High School, Centreville Primary School and Sadie Curtis Primary School received certificates of participation and recognition for outstanding performances.

The School Pride Video Competition was the brainchild of Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training Glenys Hanna-Martin.

She described the submissions as different, unique, and wonderful expressions. She thanked the schools for taking the challenge, engaging young people and teachers, and producing a final product.

“We want our young people to understand that when you wear that uniform – wear it with pride. When you participate in school activities, academics, sports, music … whatever you do,” said Hanna-Martin.

From the initiative, the education minister said it was her hope that it would cause young people to hold their heads high when they go through life.

“When they sit in the classroom, get on a bus, walk the streets, attend something in or out of uniform, they begin to understand that that institution they are from, which is as good as they are, that everything they do is so important to the building and legacy of that institution.”

She highlighted individuals for whom schools are named in honor including R.M. Bailey, Marjorie Davis and L.N. Coakley – “real people who have contributed to the growth and development of education,” said Hanna-Martin.

Dominique McCartney-Russell, acting director, Ministry of Education, spoke to several advantages of ensuring that children learn school pride.

“When children show pride or spirit in their school, they tend to do well academically,” said McCartney-Russell. “When they love their school, they are going to attend and be engaged. They will have good attendance and greater participation. School pride helps them to be more civically engaged. You will find that these children will participate in community activities. They will become activists and peer tutors.” 

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