Elder Adrian Edgecombe: 15 minutes that can assist in soul detox

Fifteen minutes broken down into three five-minute segments with each period dedicated to one thing at a time – being still before or after devotion; meditation on the scriptures; and listening to a worship song or two – can aid in a person being well on their way to finding rest for their soul. This was the message at Bahamas Harvest Church (BHC) on Sunday past as they began their new monthly series with the focus on detoxing the soul and living clean in a contaminated world.

Elder Adrian Edgecombe commandeered the stage for the new series and urged attendees to continually detoxify their soul, which he said is important because God wants his people to ensure their souls are cleaned and purified, and that there is nothing foreign in their souls that should not be there.

“We should be concerned about it because we are not a body with a soul; we are a soul with a body. When you die, your body just disintegrates and goes away, but your soul lives on forever. So, if your soul is living on forever – we cannot be a body with a soul, we have to be a soul that’s been given a body for a period of time to live on this earth and do stuff that God wants us to do on this earth, but then our souls will live on in eternity.”

Edgecombe, who took over in the absence of Senior Pastor Mario Moxey, told BHC members that what they decide to do with their souls was totally and completely up to them, and their choice and decision, but he reminded them that God wasn’t really concerned about their body which has an expiry date, but their soul, which he said has eternal value.

“When God created man, his intent was for us to live forever. Man messed up, and God gave us an opportunity to still live forever, and that’s the importance of the soul,” he said.

The curse of the restless soul

Edgecombe reminded BHC members of the story of Cain and Abel – the first offspring of Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis – in which Cain, the farmer, and Abel, a shepherd, both brought a sacrifice before God. Abel gave God the firstborn of his flock and Cain gave God fruits over the process of time. The Bible says God honored and appreciated Abel’s sacrifice, but rejected Cain’s sacrifice. He accepted Abel’s sacrifice because Abel gave God his absolute best; and rejected Cain not because it wasn’t a blood offering, but because Cain just gave God some fruits here and there and not the first fruits of his crop. When Cain found out that his brother got the favor, he got jealous and upset and killed Abel. When God found out what happened, God declared a curse over Cain for killing his brother.

“He cursed him to be a restless wanderer – someone who is always searching, but never finding.”

Edgecombe said many people of today are wanderers, trying to be somebody and go somewhere, but don’t know who they’re trying to be or where they have to go, because they’re searching.

“You’re looking for everything, but satisfied with nothing,” he said. “We try to do a million things, but God says if you’re searching and can’t find it, you’re a restless soul.”

Edgecombe said God wants his people to find rest for their souls, and that it can only find rest in God alone, and not in spouses, children, the pastor or bosses; and not in a promotion or money or even living in a dream home; and that fame and celebrity status won’t give a person rest.

“Matthew 11:28-29 (NIV) – ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.’ Jesus did not say you would find rest for your body. He is more concerned for your eternal being and your eternal status than he is for this temporal body. We find rest in God alone.”

Finding rest

In finding rest, Edgecombe said people should be still before God, wait for God and reflect on his goodness.

“He didn’t say go to church four times a week, be productive, be successful. He said be still…to just listen to him. We have to stop, pause, wait, listen and let God do his work. One of the most important disciplines you can have is to be still before God. I’m not talking about praying. I’m not talking about reading your Bible. I’m talking about being still before God in the quiet and comfort of your own home. Only five minutes out of the day is required and it can be before or after your devotion time.”

Edgecombe urged them to wait for God to let things happen in his time.

“Some of us when we wait we get frustrated because things aren’t happening in our time. A quote from Joyce Meyer that I found [says] – ‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to have a good attitude while waiting.’ He is going to show up in your life, so you just have to wait.”

He told them that in the process of them waiting, that God is renewing his people’s strength, and preparing them to go to higher heights in him and go further than they’ve ever been before.

“In the process of waiting, God is preparing you. He is positioning you. He is preparing you to do great and mighty things. He is preparing you to fulfill your purpose in this life. So, if you’re looking to find rest in your soul, you must learn to wait on the Lord, and God is going to renew your strength. You will not grow weary or tired.”

Edgecombe also encouraged them to reflect on God’s goodness during their time of stillness when their thoughts can wander, and they can start thinking about things that have to be done.

“Instead of thinking about what has to be done, think about what God has already done – think about his goodness, the fact that he woke you up this morning, started you on your way, gave you an opportunity to breathe, he healed your body…you probably woke up with a shelter over your head. Thank God for all of those things. God says when we reflect on his goodness, our soul finds rest. So, in your stillness, think about God’s goodness – think about how he’s blessed you, healed you, provided for you,” he said.

Instead of thinking about what could possibly go wrong, he urged them to shift their focus to the source that makes all things right – Jesus Christ. He said when they do that, their burdens will be lifted.

“God is your provider. This should give you the confidence in knowing that your soul can be at rest because you are a believer. He is your provider. He is your savior. He is your healer. He is your friend. He is your source. He is your shield. He is your peace. He is your deliverer. He is your comforter. He is your help. The Bible says he is the alpha and the omega, the lion of Judah, the soon coming king of kings and the Lord of all Lords. He is the great I am. These are the promises for you. This should keep your souls at rest because you know that you serve the El Shaddai, the Almighty God who fights all of your battles.”

Edgecombe reminded them that whatever is going on in their lives, that God was working it out for their good.

“God has got your back. He is working it out for you. Once you know these promises, you can begin to walk, you can believe that God will bring these promises to pass,” he said.

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