Elderly woman brutalized during home invasion

As a gun repeatedly smashed into her face, knocking out her teeth during a home invasion Monday, an elderly, disabled Pinewood Gardens woman believed she would die.

The 68-year-old, who told The Nassau Guardian she only wished to be referred to as Culmer, said she was in her bed around 3:45 a.m. Monday when she was awoken by a “cracking sound”.

It was reportedly two men breaking through a back window.

She said when she got up to see what happened, she felt a hand close around her throat.

She said two men dragged her out of her room into the hallway and terrorized her.

“I started screaming and the person said if I don’t shut my mouth they are going to kill me,” Culmer said.

“They put a gun in my mouth. They gun-butt me, dragged me up and down on the ground. When they gun-butt me, I tell you no lie I saw stars.”

She said they interrogated her about money they thought she had.

“The first one said, ‘Give me the money that you have from the gas company.’ I told him I don’t have the money. I told them they had the wrong person. The next one came and asked me for the keys to my car. The other one started shaking up everything. I was terrified,” she recalled.

Culmer, who said she lives alone, received visible injuries from head to toe.

“He knocked my teeth out and struck me in my eye,” she said.

“I have glaucoma. I thought they were going to kill me. I’m not a fearful person. I was trying to hit the guy, but he was so big. They twist up my leg. I have steel in my leg.”

Culmer said the assailants eventually left in her 2006 silver Bluebird Sylphy that was later retrieved by police.

“They ransacked the car,” she said.

“They took out the battery. They pull out the cassette.”

In fact, Culmer said someone attempted to break in on Friday, but was unsuccessful.

Culmer said she also was concerned the men were able to break curfew, which is from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

“They have to do something about this,” she said.

“I don’t understand how. It seems like they are not enforcing it.”

When contacted for comment about the incident yesterday, Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters said they are actively investigating the case.

“The regular patrols are continuing and where we find individuals who are working outside of the law, we are going to deal with them, as in this case investigations are ongoing and in due course we hope to bring the matter to a close,”  Peters said.

Culmer said the home invasion has left her traumatized.

“I have to live like a prisoner in my house?” she asked.

“This is not right.”

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Italia Clarke

Italia Clarke joined the Nassau Guardian in August 2020. Clarke covers national, human interest and social issues. Education: University of The Bahamas, BA in Media Journalism

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