Eleanor Minerva Brennen

Private funeral service for Eleanor Minerva Brennen, 68

Of #6 Summer Avenue, Gleniston Gardens, New Providence will be held at Woodlawn Garden Cemetary on Friday 17th April, 2020 at 1pm.  Officiating will be Senior Pastor Trajean Jadorette assisted by Minister Michael Stubbs.


Fond and loving memories will forever linger in the hearts of her dear children: Registered Nurse Shavone Brennen-Deveaux, Sean and Bernadine Brennen.  Her three grandchildren: Juan Deveaux, Tayshonn Brennen and Devante Noel.  One sister: Melford and Dudley Pinder, of Miami Lakes, Florida.  Uncle: Dexter Cleare.  Niece: Dania Knowles, of New Jersey.  Nephews: Coy and Dwayne Knowles. Carl and Jerry Pinder of Miami Lakes, Florida.  Stepsons: Cordell and Angelo Brennen.  Former husband: Bertram Brennen.  Son in law: Basil Deveaux.  Sisters in law: Sandra and Jean Adderley.  Brothers in law: Cleophaus and Philip Johnson.  Soul sisters: Pertral Virgil and family, Florida Young and family, Valerie Green and family, Ernestine Dean and family and Minister Linda Hall.  Cousins: Betty Williams and family, Rev. Edna Williams and family, Deaconess Rachael Penn, Albertha and John Deveaux of Cat Island and family, Ann Fowler and family, Rosemary Butler and family, Bishop Arthur and Brenville Ferguson, Florence Ferguson, Inez Ferguson, Bishop Samuel and Cheryl Johnson, Dolly Griffin, Christine Pinnock, Diane Spencer, George and Anthony King and Barbie King.  Calvin, Nancy and Lealand Rolle of New York and family.  Donald Bain, Sylvia Ferguson and family.  Sheila Hanna and family, Doramae Farquharson and family.  Pandora and James Whylly and family.  Mr. Felton Collie and family, Ann Smith, Idamae Riley, Camille Forbes and family, Arlene Poitier and family.

Other relatives and friends including:  Esther Butler, Janet Poitier, Evelyn Glass, Trevor and Wesley Thompson and Errol Brown Jr,. Bessie and Stephen Serette and family, Cynthia Brennen and family, Agnes and Charles Thompson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Raynald Ferguson.  Vernal Brennen, Jenny Hinsey, Joyce Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Johnson, Eleanor James, Pamela Sunders, Iris Daxon, Stanley Sturrup, Manetta Smith and family, Howard Miller, Rudolph Davis, Arlington Woods, Melrose and Ossie Pinder.  Former co-workers and friends including: Attorney Obie and Queenie Ferguson and family, Mr. Thomas Bastian and family, Bishop Carrington and Sabrina Pinder, Mitzpah Darling, Berkley Sturrup, Ruth Smith, Evangelist Mary Johnson, Rev. George Moss and family, Doreen Ferguson, Alice Stuart, Lillian McKinney, Dr. Portia Jordan, Doris Bridgewater, Rev. Dr Wesley and Minister Marsha Thompson and the Mt. Pleasant Green Baptist Church International family, Minister Minus and the Five Porches Church family, Pearl Gardiner, Rev. Garth and Annamae Johnson and family, Eva Green and family, Mt. Ararat Evangelistic Baptist Church family.  The Housekeeping staff of the Coral and Beach Towers of the Atlantis Paradise Island including: Mrs. Karen Carey, Sr. Vice President, Mrs. Kandyce Moss-Moultrie, Vice President, Theresa Deveaux, Katy Smith, Rechell Lewis, Tiffany Brown, Sophie Thompson, Roger Clarke, Sherell Newbold, Sheila Sands, Taffica Neely, Shanelle Wright, Suzetha Ward, Jamie Reid, Theresa Ambrose, Patrice Moxey, Patricia Goodman, Letecia Deveaux, and India Carey.  Children of her dearest friend the late Jane Smith: Jamie, Shanell, Kevin, Jackie, Karen and Keva.  Pastor emeritus Bishop Simeon and Min. Linda Hall and family, Rev. Trajean and Minister Rhonda Jadorette and the New Covenant Baptist Church family and Women’s Ministry.  Rev. Sheila Tracey and family, Min. Veronica Farrington and family, Rev. Diana Ranger and family, Minister Deborah Strachan and family, Rev. Dr. Sonia Marshall and family, Minister Reinhardt Pearson and family.  Neighbours: Mr. and Mrs. Danny Price and family, Mrs. Iva Bain and family, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Curtis and family, Mrs. Sheila Mackey and family, Mrs. Scavella and family, Mr. and Mrs. Murray and family, Mrs. Sonia Bowe-Adderley and family, Maria Ferguson and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saunders and family, Hilda Taylor and the Crooked Island Street families.

Special thanks to Mr. Henry and Mrs. Andrea McFall, Dario McKenzie, Mrs. Knowles, OSMA Transport Services, Varence Noel, Delano Johnson, Cameo Campbell, Dr. Dana Hall, Dr. Patton Adderley, The entire Dialysis Unit, PMH.  The entire ICU Staff, Nursing Officers: Claridge, Whymms and Woods, Dr. Outten and Dr. Rowe.  Dr. Frederick Smith, Dr. Dia Serville, Dr. Allen Cho, Dr. Bonji Gaitor, Dr. Kaylesia Watson, Dr. Scarlett Stuart, Dr. Lisa Rolle-Smith, Dr. Sidney Smith, Dr. William Hamiliton,  The entire Maternity Ward Staff and NICU Staff.  The Midwifery Cohort 2019, Dr. Shirley Curtis Mrs. Karol Mackey-Missick, Doreen Butler and Leah Rolle.  The moderators and members of Bahamas Nurses Rock, the Department of Public Health, Island Wholesale Distributors.  Anishka Gibson and family, The R. M. Bailey class family of 93, 95, and 97. Daphne Roxbury, Yhantelle Ferguson, Kayla Ferguson, Kevin Tomlison, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carey and family of Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera.  Minister Darren Pinder, Deacon Trevor Thompson.

The family apologizes for any names that may have been omitted as there are too numerous to mention.

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