Elective surgeries resume at PMH

Only one day after announcing that elective surgeries at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) would be canceled until further notice, Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands yesterday confirmed that those surgeries will resume today. 

On Tuesday, Sands said that the decision was made at the beginning of the week due to overcrowding at the hospital. 

“We are resuming elective surgery tomorrow (today),” Sands confirmed yesterday. 

“What we have been doing is addressing the issues of overcrowding. Now, bearing in mind that you can get – you having waxing and waning levels of people going into the emergency room, people being sick, and so on and so forth. So, when you combine that with elective admission surgery, et cetera, you get this perfect storm. 

“So, what we have done, at least for now, the overload is manageable and so we’re going to resume surgery.”

Overcrowding has been a longstanding issue at PMH especially in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Sands has noted that boarders at the hospital have also contributed to the issue, as nearly 40 boarders at the hospital who have been abandoned by their families, are taking up much-needed bed space.

On Tuesday, Sands said government was considering moving those boarders into nursing homes and yesterday he added that the issue is now being “aggressively” dealt with. 

“Hopefully, we continue to manage this issue with boarders, which we are now aggressively dealing with as well, because this is a touchy situation,” Sands said.

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