Elizabeth Cosili Lacdoy-Laroda

Memorial service for the late Elizabeth Cosili Lacdoy-Laroda age 55 years of Farrington Road, Nassau, Bahamas and formerly of Mountains, Province,  Philippines will be held on Saturday, March 27th, 2021 at 10:00 am at East Street Gospel Chapel. Officiating will be Pastor Sterling R. Moss assisted by Sister Anna Moss and Sister Jennifer Miller.

Elizabeth Cosili Lacdoy’s life began in the Philippines where her family resided in the Mountains Province.  Her parents were Pablo and Diana Cosili-Lacdoy.  Her parents taught her, as did her community the virtues of hard work, determination, and humility.

From an early age Elizabeth was an industrious young girl.  At the tender age of 13, she became employed in care taking and excelled in employment surrounding domestic affairs.  So impressive was she in this arena, that her employers kept her as they moved from the Philippines to Singapore. 

Although raised affiliated with Catholicism in the Philippines, Elizabeth attended a Baptist church in Singapore. It was in Singapore where she heard the gospel, believed, was born again and baptized.

Later her employers moved from Singapore to New York and then eventually settled in the Bahamas.  This was Elizabeth’s new home until her call came to leave this life and enter glory.

In the Bahamas, Elizabeth, yearned for Christian Fellowship.  She used a phone book and made a call to East Street Gospel Chapel.  The Church’s Secretary, ironically also named Elizabeth, spoke to her.  Elizabeth promised to visit and the two Elizabeths became acquaintances.  Elizabeth visited East Street Gospel Chapel and never left.  She was known for her generosity, and support of numerous church events. 

Elizabeth found a new home, but she also found love.  On a mail boat trip to Andros, where she met Leonard Laroda.  They were married at East Street Gospel Chapel by Senior Pastor and Evangelist Tom Roberts.  From this union one son was born, whom they called Symillian.

Elizabeth was known to possess a gentle and quiet disposition.  She was friendly and was never known to involve herself in arguments and matters surrounding strife.  Symillian became her pride and joy.  She celebrated his life, and worked to provide for their needs and to ensure that he received a thorough education and all that he needed for life.  Most importantly, she ensured that Symillian was affiliated with her church where he was involved in Sunday School and Youth Ministry, and where he too would one day hear the gospel and believe.

As fate would have it, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Leukemia around 2010. She fought this disease valiantly, until she was unable to continue employment in November of 2019.  During this time Elizabeth’s close friends and Church family rallied around her to provide assistance, support, advice and prayers and to stand with her in her time of need.  She was particularly supported by her close friends, Tess Bridgewater, Annie Greene, and Mary Jane, who spent time with her.  In fact, it was Tess Bridgewater and Mary Jane who was with her, when she fell ill and was taken into hospital until her last visit.  They were friends until the end.

Her church family rallied around Symillian and Elizabeth. Sister Janet Hepburn was exemplary in her attention of her along with the care and insight of Sister Patrice Gilbert and Dr. Capuil.  They visited her regularly in hospital encouraged and prayed with her as the effects of her disease became more visible.

The Filipino community and Elizabeth’s family in the Philippines, were one with her in her distress.  They cared for, encouraged, supported and loved her through video calls . They also ensured that there were fundraisers held; addressing pressing needs by assisting in multiple ways. 

Sister Anna Moss, Sister Paula Sands and Genesis Academy family at times provided home cooked meals, groceries, and other Saints at her church, generously stood with Sister Elizabeth Laroda and provided support. She was loved by all.

On March, 17th 2021, Elizabeth was beckoned from the scenes of earth to behold the more glorious scenes of heaven with Christ who saved her.  Those close to her know of the bond she had with her son Symillian and her love for him.  It is felt that she fought so well and so long and so hard, because she was fighting for her son.  She fulfilled her duties as a mother until the end.

Symillian, the Laroda and the Lacdoy families are grateful to those who assisted during her time of illness; including: Filipino Community (Filipino Association of the Bahamas), NPCC Church Family, ESGC Church family, Mrs Knowles, Pastor Tinkle Hanna, Mrs. Melody Hanna (Genesis Academy), Teachers and staff of the Genesis Academy, Dr. Cautauli , Monica, Beatrice, Bea, Dr. Dindo and Family, Dr. Hall, Dr. McKenzie, Dr. Grace de Castro, Nurse Lerry, Sis. Maria Ajero and many others too numerous to mention.

Viewing will be held in the “Serenity Suite” at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Road on Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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