Embarrassed at representation of Bahamians in Dubai

Dear Editor,

I am totally flabbergasted, upset, and embarrassed for my beloved country to see that they have sent a mostly totally inappropriate delegation to the Dubai Expo to “represent” whilst disrespecting the culture of the host country!

Who is in control at foreign affairs to not be knowledgeable enough to know and recognize that intoxication is a serious affront in the country punishable by jail time, and especially for a woman! Please someone shut Miss Daisy down over there ASAP!

And why a praise and worship choir was sent (instead of the NATIONAL Youth Choir) for this same reason also in contravention to the host country is unconscionable!

Minister Mitchell, are you truly on this trip since you have made many trips to this part of the world before and should be cognizant of their cultural mores? Has your ministry not done its due diligence?

Please somebody in charge do the RIGHT THING!!

On behalf of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas we must apologize profusely for this inappropriate behavior!

Pamela Burnside

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