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Encourage the youth

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

 Sunday school – how we remembered the verses taught to us from early childhood and now we have gone through many of the stages of life, but the words resonate like the chiming of bells.

There is something magical about youth. Everyone has had it or has it, and everyone would love to keep it. Many years ago, I watched the light of day come through a crevice in the curtain of my room, and in no time at all, what was a dark room became broad daylight. A profound statement immediately came to me: youth is like sunrise – it does not last very long. I may not be able to hear you, but can I get an amen!

Our country is made up largely of a very young population, and many of them are educated, talented and focused; but alas there are also multiple cries of despair, oppression and depression resonating from the valley of social neglect.

Most places you go these days, church included, you find yourself enveloped by a very young and enlightened generation. There are some things that we have no control of and time is one of them. I stopped by recently at St. Thomas Moore’s Fair. I saw their priest and we greeted each other in the bond of love. I met him years ago when I was at Urban Renewal. I took him for a lad. To see him, you would think he is an altar boy, but he has the Word in his heart and none dare despise his youth.

The apostle has mentored Timothy. He knows his background of grandmother Lois and mother Eunice – two powerful women of the Word. He tells Timothy not to let anyone bully him because he is a young soldier in the army of the Lord. How often we as adults are cruel to the young people and often stifle their upward mobility and ambush their progress.

If this nation is to march on to greatness, then we must embrace the youth. Know you not that the youth are the future inventory of our land? They are the future “one-stop shop” and all that is needed is in their “store”. Let us encourage the youth in every field of endeavor for in so doing you will be casting bread upon the waters of life and you will be the reapers.


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