Enjoyable experience on New Providence

Dear Editor,

I hope you will allow me to commend the people of your little nation of nations via your newspaper regarding my experience in The Bahamas.

I became acquainted with a number of people I found to be pleasant and heartwarming folk. Even the youth are respectful to senior citizens, of which I am a member of that group.

In a business center downtown, I met a wonderful Bahamian gent who was very humble and kind in full uniform. He expressed his life spent as captain of the Boys Brigade. He shared its motto he coined into a phrase that inspired me: “I’d rather build a boy than mend a man”.

I shared my experience as a juvenile delinquent and how God saved me and made me a man. As a preacher and poet, I enjoyed my experience on New Providence, as well as meeting and greeting island folks whose demeanor says much about them as a people in whose nation God is the Lord.

– Raj, preacher and poet

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