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‘Goombay Kids’ third season premieres with red-carpet event

“Goombay Kids”, a show designed to educate youth about culture, history and the fundamentals of life in a fun, entertaining, informative, and explorative manner, debuted the first episode of its third season with a red-carpet screening event at Fusion Superplex. And the upcoming season is expected to be the most exciting yet, according to Stephanie K. Nihon, show creator and executive producer.

“Never before has Bahamian talent been showcased onscreen to this magnitude,” said Nihon. “And the opportunities it is providing our kids as well as teaching education through entertainment has been so inspiring and powerful.”

The new eight-episode series was shot over four weeks during the summer and is now in post-production.

In this new season, stars Javien Rankine, who has also snagged a lead role in five episodes of a Netflix show, Ravyn White and Keara Jones, get to go on epic island adventures throughout the islands of The Bahamas, learning the legend of Junkanoo; going back in time to 1720 and being captured by pirates; attending Camp Goombay – a cultural rake n’ scrape camp and discovering the lost city of Atlantis.

Viewers will continue to enjoy signature elements of “Goombay Kids” – arts n’ crafts; (Bahamian) island of the day; penpal; joke of the day, and interview segments they’ve come to enjoy to which a more scripted magical adventure escapade for the main characters was added.

According to Nihon, season three’s cast is the biggest yet, with an all-Bahamian film crew of 45, cast of 86, shot at 22 locations, five screenwriters, and 12 sponsors.

A remastered theme song will also be featured.

“Goombay Kids” producers, from left, Leslie Ellis-Tynes, Stephanie Nihon and Rowena Poitier-Sutherland.

Director Lanthro Munroe, a Bahamian American, who has worked with the biggest networks and television shows in the United States, directed season three.

Rowena Poitier-Sutherland, supervising producer and director of The Bahamas Artist Movement, was also an acting coach on set and helped coach the best performance out of the actors. The season’s film crew primarily came from The MOVI Group.

“We have also enhanced the overall production value for this upcoming season, with The MOVI Group as our technical team,” said Leslie Ellis-Tynes, Goombay Kids senior producer.

Local talent Jaquay “DasQuay” Adderley, who plays the zany Goombay camp counselor “Santo”; Zhane’o “Sarge” Newbold, who plays Sarge and is featured in every episode; Timico “Sawyerboy” Sawyer; Leah Eneas, who plays a magical Junkanoo-inspired character and protector of the ocean, called Mama DLo; a noisy pirate played by Shad Ferguson; and Charlie Bahama are guest actors.

“This show has been very inspiring to be a part of and has built a loyal following and audience,” said Ellis-Tynes. “It will be the first island adventure kids show of this magnitude to be distributed in and beyond The Bahamas.”

The show broadcasts every morning and some evenings each week on the OurTV Network, Cable Bahamas (Ch. 212) and is available on demand through the REV/OUR TV Facebook page, where they feature an all-kid cast, with special guests, special segments and the beauty of the Bahama islands.

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