Equinor has commenced cleanup of GB oil spill

Equinor has commenced the cleanup of an oil spill on Grand Bahama caused by Hurricane Dorian, according to the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC), which explained that a group from BAIC was on Grand Bahama on Tuesday to inspect the extent of the environmental damage caused by the oil spill at Equinor’s South Riding Point facility in East End.

BAIC revealed in a statement released yesterday that it manages the land on which Equinor’s storage and transshipment facility sits.

According to the statement, the BAIC group witnessed a “single truck…cleaning up oil from the property”.

In its most recent update on the oil spill, Equinor stated on its website that it has a team of technical specialists leading the cleanup effort.

“In total, more than 200 personnel are working in The Bahamas, the U.S. and in Norway,” the company noted.

“Two vessels are mobilized for the response at the South Riding Point terminal, with 42 personnel and onshore oil spill recovery equipment. The first vessel arrived at the terminal in the evening of September 10.

“The second vessel is scheduled to arrive on location on September 12. The vessels include containment booms and hundreds of bales of various absorbent pads/rolls, oil spill recovery skimmers, wash pumps, roll off boxes for the collection of generated waste, light towers and smaller boats and protection equipment.

“Operations are ongoing at the terminal to secure the oil at the facility. Oil from the damaged tanks has been moved to remaining tanks at the facility to reduce the risk of additional oil spills. An oil boom has been deployed to close the harbor at the terminal as a precautionary measure and to reduce the risk of oil spill to sea.

“Two trucks have started the recovery and transport of bulk-free standing oil on the ground to one of the tanks at the terminal.”

In the aftermath of the storm, Equinor revealed that there were 1.8 million barrels of oil stored in three of ten tanks on the property.

Hurricane Dorian blew the roofs off several of those tanks, distributing oil across the acreage of the property and into the neighboring forest.

BAIC noted in its statement that it will continue to monitor the situation at the property and hopes that “there has been no irreparable damage to the environment”.

Equinor also revealed on its website that it will make a $1 million donation “to one or more relief organizations involved in the response for The Bahamas”.

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