Evangelizing the gospel through a holistic approach

Unexpected drama can hit any home—this is the premise behind the Samita R. Ferguson written and produced short film “Broken”, which will be presented during the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) Love Center’s winter production “This Joy”, which will also feature other short skits from the children and teen ministries. All story lines speak to the joy of Christ.

With COGOP Love Center’s message to use the arts to evangelize the gospel through holistic approach, the takeaway from “Broken” for viewers will be that they should remember that no matter what they may face in life, there is always hope at the end of the tunnel of discouragement and pain. And that in their testing they should find praise and remember that God is about, and up to something big, and that they just have to endure as the end result would be marvelous.

“There will be glory after the pain, after the loss, after the sorrow,” said Ferguson, who is also COGOP’s fine arts director.

In “Broken”, families are faced with various issues and their search and hope to find peace, and how coming together in counsel and faith can bring healing.

Garth Kelly, who portrays James Robinson, loses his wife. Nat Beneby III, who plays Dave, and his wife in the film, Ancilla Knowles, who portrays the character Shelly, suffer through losing their child. Clelia Minnis’ character Theresa Morris is battling financial issues and Pascale Saunders, who plays Pastor J., is the glue to bring the pieces together.

“The inspiration [for this film] has been [the] year of trials for many,” said Ferguson. “Many homes have experienced some sort of brokenness—whether losing a loved one, financial dilemmas, [weariness] in hope and faith, others knowing he will come through, but perhaps experiencing a hard time coming to grips with their hope. The idea to create a story was ‘birthed’ from those factors.”

Ferguson said the unexpected can happen to anyone, but at the end of the road, there is still hope if one simply believes.

Also in the cast are Willisa Mackey, Pastor Charles Johnson, Colette Daxon, Karrah Ferguson, Karina Ferguson, Aisha Adderley, Kynlee Cooper, Phil Rolle, Lenelle Sawyer, Sandy Ferguson, Indira Archer, Angela Butler and Felisha Bess.

“The Joy” takes place at the COGOP’s Love Centre, Ernest and York Streets, on Sunday, December 15, with “Broken” screened at 7 p.m., during an evening that will also encompass two short skits by the church’s children and teens ministries, with all story lines speaking to the joy of Christ.

The primary aged boys and girls will present “Play Before the King” (boys) and “Oh Mary” (girls).

The teens/upper primary members will present “Camp Hallow”—the story of a young boy whose father deserted his family and whose mother wants him to forget about the drama by sending him to camp. The question that arises is whether he will find joy or not. Both presentations will be followed by the 25-minute screening of “Broken”, which was directed by Gary Wong, with scenes shot at the Church of God of Prophecy Love Center, South Beach Clinic, Woodlawn Gardens, Hidden Hills and Blue Escape.

Performances by Rashad Cunningham and the Bahama Brass Band are also on tap for the evening.

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