Evil triumphs by our silence 

Dear Editor,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Sometimes we each have to be the one, even if it’s embarrassing, to prevent something more embarrassing or even catastrophic from happening.

We all can tell stories or hear of families and friends facing adverse situations.

We see the warning signs. We even talk about it with others, but do nothing with the excuse, “That’s not my business.”

But in the end, we regret that we didn’t say something to the one teetering on the edge of the cliff or about to step blindly into quicksand. We just did nothing. We visit them in the hospitals and prisons. Worse, we cry at their funerals. We saw that it was about to happen but did nothing.

It’s always easier to do nothing in a difficult time, but that is not why we are here. It’s our duty as human beings to look out for each other. God looks for people who will take the initiative to speak the truth in hard places, say the painful ouch that needs to be said, and cut the tragedy off.

With COVID-19, a series of adverse situations is taking its toll on the nation.

Family and friends suffer casualties, mental and physical sickness, business loss, and income/jobs.

It’s not easy to see your loved one who was the life of the party last month now being laid to rest; or to know that the life savings you invested into a business no longer exists; or be summoned to the office to be told your job is now redundant.

These are all life-changing scenarios that can drive a person to untoward circumstances.

We see the signs, we hear the plea for help, yet we do nothing. But tomorrow, we say to ourselves, “I should have said something. I could have subverted that incident, but did nothing.”

And then we cry, uncontrollably.

 May God forgive us.

God bless The Bahamas.

Anthony Pratt

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