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Eyesore: the Arawak Hotel

Overlooking the Grand Lucayan Waterway, a piece of Grand Bahama history sits forgotten at the end of Topgallant Drive.

Originally the Blair House Condominiums, the Arawak Hotel was an attempt to bring about development to the Lucaya area in the 1980s.

The hotel operated for 10 years before closing, due to its remote location and lack of nearby tourist attractions.

In recent years, the Arawak Hotel itself became a somber attraction as locals and tourists found themselves intrigued by its large-scale and ruinous appearance.

For David Mellor Sr., 80, the hotel served as a challenge as he scaled the building as a sports climbing practice.

“I was trying to train to climb the biggest mountain (Mount Everest) in the world,” Mellor said.

“How else do you train for it on an island that is 40 feet high? You either pick a building or a palm tree.”

Though a strange attraction, the Arawak Hotel remains a glum monument.

After 25 years, the building is a shell: overgrown, graffiti sprayed, and colonized by bats.

Like the indigenous Indians the building was named after, only remnants of the Arawak Hotel remain as its history is now lost to time.

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