Family mourns man killed in traffic accident

Family members mourned the sudden death of a loved one that was killed in a traffic fatality early yesterday morning.

Police reported that shortly before 3:00 a.m., a man was driving a grey Honda Accord traveling east on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, when a man driving a white Honda Inspire collided into the rear of the vehicle, resulting in both drivers losing control of their vehicles.

The driver of the Honda Inspire was examined by paramedics and pronounced dead on the scene.

However, the driver of the other vehicle was transported to hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

Family members have identified the victim as D’Angelo Bethel.

Kristal Rolle, who said she was one of Bethel’s closest cousins, said that he was a good husband, brother and father.

In a Facebook post to Bethel, Rolle said, “My first best friend, my cousin, my partner in crime growing up. We got married a month apart – you, July; me, August. You had the girls and I had the boys. We just [spoke] about how far we came due to circumstances that we didn’t let stagnate us, and how bright the future is looking for us and our families.

“Now I have to finish this one without you…the tears can’t seem to stop. [You were] so young and full of promise, but who am I to question God’s will? You will truly be missed. [This is] a void only You can fill. Lord, give us the strength. This truly is a blow.”

Rolle described Bethel as a man that was full of energy and always ready to take on his daily tasks no matter how challenging.

“Once he had a job, he did it with pride and to best of his abilities,” she said in an interview with The Nassau Guardian.

“He was outgoing and a go-getter – always had a smile on his face. Even if he was to wear a frown, it would only be for a moment. He always had a positive word if you needed it.”

She said they were always talking about the future, and their plans to get ahead in life.

She described these moments as her fondest memories with him.

“All we have left now is memories, and I thank God for them,” Rolle said.

“He will be greatly missed by our entire family, his wife and two beautiful daughters.

“He was in the prime of his life – a young king.”

Investigations into this matter are ongoing.

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