Family of man killed by police last month wants to see footage of incident 

The family of a man shot and killed by police wants to see surveillance footage of the incident to confirm the police version of the events that resulted in his death on December 26, 2021.

Police reported that Azario Major, 31, was at a bar on Fire Trail Road when off-duty police officers spoke to him because he was acting in a disorderly manner.

The officers reported that Major left the establishment and sped off, but returned a short time later and left again.

A short time later, Major returned and police claimed that they noticed that he had a gun and the officers opened fire, killing him on the scene. Police claim that they collected a pistol.

Major’s father, Fredrick Major, said the family understands that police collected surveillance footage from two businesses in the plaza where the bar is located.

Major said the behavior alleged by police was out of character for his son, who had a clean criminal record and no previous encounters with the law.

He told The Nassau Guardian, “I know my son. He was not in the system and he was not in a gang. My son worked six days a week.”

Major said that despite meetings with police officers at the Criminal Investigation Department and National Security Minister Wayne Munroe, the family still hasn’t gotten answers.

Major said he understands that his son had gone to the bar to meet someone.

He said police have not revealed that caliber of gun they allegedly seized from his son. Major said, “I need to see my son with a gun to believe it.”

He feels that viewing the security footage will give the family the closure it seeks.

He doesn’t know how many times Azario was shot, although Major said he heard that 40 spent casings were at the scene.

Major said he wants to know why his son was shot multiple times and how many shooters there were.

Police killed 13 people last year in 21 shooting incidents.

On Monday, police shot and killed Royal Bahamas Defence Force Leading Seaman Rodney Adderley in Chippingham, saying that he had charged at officers.

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