Farewell to Bishop B. Wenith Davis

Dear Editor,

The congregation, family and well wishers of B. Wenith Davis are mourning his passing on Friday May 21, 2021. He was 74 years old. It really stirred up deep emotions everywhere.

Bishop B. W. Davis received his ministerial training at the American Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon his return home to New Providence, he was ordained as a minister at Zion Baptist Church East and Shirley Street.

Shortly after ordination, he was charged with spearheading Zion’s work in the southern community for 42 years. Whilst pastoring, Wenith had the privilege of delivering Christian education at Jordan Prince Williams High School, the Baptist Institute and The Bahamas Baptist Community College and Templeton Theological Seminary.

During the span of Davis’ career he focused on many issues involving education and evangelizing. He was excellent as a pastor and an inspiration to thousands who were under his charge. As time progressed, he formed the Zion Christian School.

Bishop B. Wenith distinguished himself as a religious leader, holding posts in national, regional and international Baptist bodies. B. Wenith’s major emphasis was winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

On a more personal scene, B. Wenith Davis was husband to Pastor Ismae Davis, nee Strachan, and father of four beautiful children namely Ray, Rachel, Shanique and Cohen. Wenith was brother of Archbishop Ross Davis of Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries and Lee Watson of Trinity of Praise.

The executive officers and members of the Zion United Baptist Convention send warm wishes to Bishop Davis and his immediate family. The Zion South Beach Baptist Church Family. The Zion Baptist Convention Family and the Baptist Community at South Beach.

We are grateful that the Great B. Wenith Davis is now where he longed to be. We are divinely confident that our Brother B. Wenith Davis is in the Bosom of Christ, Jesus Lord and Saviour.

Yours Sincerely,

L. Loxsley Bastian

Loving cousin, friend and confidant

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