Farmer: Electric vehicle sales increasing

Electric vehicle sales have grown exponentially and are expected to climb, Easy Eco Car Sales owner Pia Farmer said.

“When we started three years ago I think there might have been one or two electric cars here, we had a couple Teslas; but we brought in the first Leaf, and I think if you drive around now, you see the Leafs all over the place, and we estimate there are about 100 of them on the road,” she said in a recent interview.

The government reduced the import duty for electric vehicles from 25 percent to 10 percent during the last budget exercise, solidifying its vow to improve the environment through green and alternative energy.

Farmer said she expects more Bahamians to move toward electric cars, because of this

reduction and the wider variety of vehicles that can now be available on the market.

“And now we’re introducing the BYD line, which are new electric cars with 10-year warranties on the engine and on the battery. We foresee now in the next year we’re going to see massive changes, because also more models are going to become available as well,” she said.

“And as we do more solar, people will realize more and more that the electric car is a natural combination. But you don’t have to wait until solar to get an electric car.

“We have to have some small micro-loans to allow people to do their own solar setups; we have to encourage banks to help people to get loans for solar; we have to encourage the laws to say when you build a new house you ought to have solar panels and that can be rolled into your mortgage, so that it’s not a separate loan. We have to start thinking differently, because it’s a different world.”

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Paige McCartney

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