Farmer: Electric vehicle use expected to double this year

Pia Farmer, owner of Easy Car Sales, the first dealer in The Bahamas of fully-electric vehicles, said in a press release that the number of electric vehicles on the road in The Bahamas is expected to double this year and then grow exponentially in the years ahead.

She said there are currently more than 200 electric vehicles on the country’s roads.

According to Farmer, The Bahamas’  growth of electric vehicle use is higher than the global average.

“Over 10 million plug-in cars were expected on the global roads in 2020 and analysts predict that by 2040, more than half of all the vehicles on the road will be electric,” said Farmer.

“While EVs (electric vehicles) make up less than two percent of new car sales worldwide, in The Bahamas, sales of 100 percent electric vehicles are trending at seven percent, much higher than the world average.

“We are witnessing one of the greatest technological revolutions in transportation since the invention of the combustion engine 140 years ago.”

Farmer said Bahamians are beginning to realize that electric vehicles can be luxurious, full of tech, powerful and lead to huge savings.

Farmer explained that with an electric vehicle and the decreasing average cost of electricity in The Bahamas, it costs four times as much to drive the same distance in a combustion engine vehicle as it does in an electric one.

“We pay an average $4 per gallon of gasoline to drive 25-30 miles, while charging your EV from the BPL grid costs only $1 to go the same distance. This represents a 75 percent savings on fuel and charging at home, at work or at free public charging stations is much more convenient and stress free.”

Farmer added that costs decrease even further if the vehicle is charged using solar.

Farmer told Guardian Business early last year that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Easy Car Sales’ sales increased year-on-year.

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