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Fear has been a far more deadly pandemic

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

There is no dispute whatsoever that this whole global village is experiencing fear in more than one area of our lives. Fear like we have never known before and the admonition given to young Timothy by his spiritual mentor, the Apostle Paul is more relevant to us now who are alive.

On hearing recent statistics on the millions of persons who have died from the COVID-19 virus, I thought of the text, as fear has been a far more deadly pandemic, claiming more victims than COVID! The appearance of the angel of God to proclaim the birth of Jesus in the stillness of the night to shepherds keeping watch over their sheep, had to first of all calm their troubled spirits – Fear not, I am here with good news!

A mother recently shared with me that she was afraid something would happen to her son and within hours he called her to say that he had lost his job. He was her only means of support. Fear is so powerful that it will manifest itself!

There are many who have taken the vaccine and are visibly happy that there is nothing to be fearful of, while there are many afraid to take the vaccine because they dread the effects. Fear! As children, many of us were afraid of the dark and for heaven’s sake, do not let someone who was unkind to children die in the neighborhood, because you had to take the long way home! No way are you passing that house and the green bottle is still in the guava tree!

Yes, we have traveled the road of fear many times in our lives, but there is good news for us today! God is not happy when we become fearful. Jesus had to rebuke Peter as he looked at the water rather than keep his eyes on Him. We are not to allow fear to control our lives, but we are to develop strong faith so as to face every foe and the unknown.

When we allow fear to take control of our lives, we lose our moral and spiritual strength, we lose the power to love and hate envelops us. Worst of all, fear causes us to lose control of our minds and we are not able to make meaningful decisions. Fear is a monster that comes to steal, kill and destroy!

As children both at home and at school we would never eat our food or lunch without saying or singing our prayers. Sometimes when we would become fearful because of where we would buy our lunch, we would say Lord bless the dirt! Also when we were so hungry and did not want to sing we would just say, Lord, bless this food which we are about to eat to do our bodies good for Jesus sake. Amen.

Faith will make you to become restful, but fear will make you restless! It is a leap of faith!

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