Fighting to survive

w Woman ran over by car has long road to recovery w Mother says she’s a ‘miracle’

Petra Curry, who was run over by a car on Key West Street, following a domestic dispute, is in hospital fighting to survive, her mother said yesterday.

Curry, 33, a mother of three, was last in critical condition, Estella Gray told The Nassau Guardian.

“She’s still trying to survive,” Gray said.

“She wants to move but she can’t move.”

Gray described her daughter as “a miracle”.

“Her left leg and arm are broken,” she said.

“Her left leg is broken in 20 pieces because the car rolled over the leg. They said they had to mend it and put screws and different things to try to get the leg straightened.”

Gray said, “God is good.”

When asked if doctors have indicated whether Curry will be able to walk again, Gray replied, “They said she might be able but they are moving in stages.”

She said she visited her daughter at the hospital yesterday morning.

“She was talking and asking about her child’s school fee,” Gray said.

“I told her not to worry about that because I already paid that. She was talking about all the things … and trying to figure out how she got in there.”

The incident took place on November 15.

Curry was sedated from the day of the attack until November 19, according to her mother.

She said doctors are reducing the medication for the sedation that her daughter is on. 

“They said that one minute she would give her right name and then the next minute she would give another name,” Gray said.

“So, they are cutting down her doses to see if they can get what they want from her for her to talk.”

She said Curry is in “excellent condition” but remains in “plenty pain”.

Curry’s nine-year-old son has been concerned since the incident, Gray said.

“When he hears about her, he starts crying,” she said.

“So, sometimes, I don’t like to talk about her when he’s around. He cries a lot.”

A graphic video of the incident began circulating on social media shortly after the ordeal. 

Gray said she witnessed the matter and has refused to watch the video. 

A 32-year-old man has been charged in connection with the incident. 

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