Finally, PM says ‘a crisis’

Dear Editor,

After platitudes last week by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis in his statement, he finally called the horrendous and totally unacceptable situation at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) a crisis. 

It is long overdue.

And, the long delay in acknowledging it caused many (FNMs, PLPs and others — everyone essentially) to wonder whether he was ignoring the unimaginable suffering of so many Bahamians in every aspect of life here in New Providence or whether he simply did not care.

Now that the PM has publicly acknowledged what almost — if not every — person living in New Providence has known for months and neither his minister, board chairman or CEO would acknowledge, he ought to now do the next thing, the right thing and the needed thing — completely change the leadership at BPL.

The public has lost just about all confidence in what is, without a doubt, an inept and incompetent management team at BPL including the minister, the chairman, the board, the CEO and the executive director.

In order to have any resemblance of the PM attempting to restore the public’s confidence in the management at BPL, Minister Desmond Bannister, although doing a good job at the Ministry of Public Works, needs to be relieved of BPL.

Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey, CEO Whitney Heastie and Executive Director Patrick Rollins (whose position makes no sense) all need to be relieved of any responsibility for BPL with immediate effect.

As well, it might be a good idea for PM Minnis to now relieve the entire board of their responsibilities at BPL and appoint an entirely new minister, board, chairman and CEO.

In addition, there is absolutely no need for an executive director in the circumstances at BPL and I understand that a significant amount would be saved by not reappointing such a position.

PM Minnis, you have now indicated publicly that BPL is in a crisis, so it is time for you to ensure that there is accountability, transparency, good management, openness as to all the facts and finally, all in all, sir, good governance.

Concerned Bahamian

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