Firms providing pre-built homes that can withstand Category 5 storm

A local company has partnered with a U.S.-based firm to provide pre-built homes that are designed to withstand a Category 5 storm and which employs renewable energy to remain functional following the passage of a storm.

PowerPlus Bahamas has partnered with Mesocore Solar Homes to provide these homes for The Bahamas.

The homes are designed to be hurricane and water resilient, use improved construction standards and also include solar electricity options as well as a 2,000-gallon rain reservoir with filtration system.

PowerPlus’s energy expert Greg Uptagrafft said in press statement that these structures are an opportunity for those who lost homes during Dorian to rebuild stronger and in a more sustainable manner.

“Dorian brought unimaginable destruction but it also presents an opportunity for us to do better, expect better and of course prepare better for future storms,” said Uptagrafft.

“If you have to rebuild, then here is your opportunity to include efficiency standards to reduce your energy consumption and features to survive after the storm.”

He added that while the build could look like a large expense upfront, the return on investment will be noticeable.

“As we all know, our power bills are our largest consumer expense and having power and water days after a storm is the key to survival,” said Uptagrafft.

PowerPlus said in the statement that even though the country’s building code is considered adequate, Dorian presented an opportunity for necessary adjustments to be made, especially the implementation of alternative energy and “improved building strategies”.

“Because of our geographic location, we are most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, but we now have a chance to rebuild in a way that helps protect homes and businesses,” Uptagrafft said.

“Construction standards have to change and alternative energy should be the new normal.”

PowerPlus has been working on several projects in the northern Bahamas to introduce innovative products and energy-saving technology, including at Taino Beach Resort and Abaco Beach Resort.

According to the press statement, PowerPlus, along with two other companies, has been subcontracted to install energy-saving cooling devices at the Eight Mile Rock Clinic.

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