Fix Prince Charles Drive back to how it was

Dear Editor,

Recently, there was a disruption in the water lines in the eastern district of New Providence. The story is well known.

We praise the Water & Sewerage Corporation and its general manager for speedily addressing the disruption and for quickly bringing calm to the many eastern households.

Easterners do note that they were distracted from the water issue by the helicopter crash of basketball player Kobe Bryant. When gossip about the crash subsided and calm returned, the water problem was no more.

Unfortunately, while water now flows, the Water & Sewerage Corporation, or persons acting on the corporation’s behalf, collectively the corporation, have created a traffic problem that remains.

The corporation closed the hole it opened to fix the water issue. However, it left several sizable bumps in the middle of Prince Charles Drive, which were the collateral damage resulting from the broken water mains. Now, we have speed bumps in the middle of a 30-mile-an-hour (mph) “highway”.

These bumps are within inches of the freshly paved area. Inches!

Now, all who travel the Prince Charles Drive corridor know what it feels like to go over a speed bump at 30 mph. It does not feel good! The bumps help to destroy our cars.

The road was smooth.

Your water created a problem. You put the time and energy in fixing the water problem.

Now, let’s get the road back to what it was before the disruption.

How difficult is that?

Risk Averse

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