FNM expects Minnis to go

Former DPM says party needs ‘more inclusive’ leadership

Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said yesterday the party expects former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to keep his word and not offer for leadership at the party’s next convention as the organization looks to rebuild with a leader that possesses different qualities.

 “He has indicated to council that he will not offer as a candidate for leader at the upcoming convention, and based upon that, any further discussion of his position would only invite unhelpful speculation,” Turnquest said.

“He has indicated that he will not offer and the council has taken him at his word.”

When asked what kind of leader he wants to see take over the party, Turnquest replied, “We need a more inclusive leader, someone who is willing to embrace all of the various segments of the party or organizations of the party, who is willing to be open to consultation and advice from others, who will be confident in who they are and be able to express themselves with confidence and display the kind of vision and strength that is necessary to lead a party like the Free National Movement going forward.

“Somebody who will stand up to the 

challenge of being in opposition to point out the areas where the government may be falling short or may be acting outside of their mandate of what they have promised the Bahamian people.”

He said the party needs to rebuild.

Turnquest said the FNM needs to be more open and inclusive “to ensure not only that we are doing the right thing but we are ensuring that we are bringing our people along with us so that they understand the reasons for the decisions that we make, so that we are all moving in the same direction”.

Marco City MP Michael Pintard and Central Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis are expected to seek the leadership, according to sources in the FNM.

Turnquest said the party would prefer that its next leader be a sitting MP.

 However, he added that this is “not necessarily a qualification”.

The FNM is scheduled to hold a convention on November 27 – its first since 2016 – after losing the general election last month.

The FNM won just seven of the 39 seats in the House of Assembly.

Minnis saw a drop in support in Killarney, from 73 percent of the votes in 2017 to 51 percent in 2021.

Many viewed the FNM’s defeat as a rejection of Minnis specifically.

The loss prompted the party into immediate talks over its future with some FNMs expressing a desire for new leadership.

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