FNM full of double standards

Dear Editor, 

The Bahamas Constitution Party believes that the decision by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to accept Dr. Duane Sands’ resignation from the Cabinet was the correct one, but we are also disappointed that Dr. Sands found himself as collateral damage in an FNM administration that has been known for many missteps and blunders from the very beginning.

The FNM is full of double standards!

If Dr. Sands’ breach of protocol was grounds for his removal as minister of health, then the many infractions of the Minnis administration are grounds for the complete removal of the FNM from office.

Why is Dr. Sands’ mistake any different than previous mistakes made by other Cabinet ministers or members of Parliament?

Is the Prime Minister actually releasing Dr. Sands for ‘the greater good’ of the Bahamian people? Or could it be that this mistake serves the personal interest of the prime minister himself as leader of the FNM?

Let’s not forget that Dr. Sands supported the overthrow of Dr. Minnis as leader of the FNM. That’s the white elephant in the room. That’s the subject not often addressed, but possibly a factor at play here.

Did Dr. Minnis ever ‘forgive’ Dr. Sands for supporting that attempted coup? And even if Dr. Minnis forgave Dr. Sands, did he simply “let bygones be bygones?”

Either way, something seems to have adversely affected the relationship between these two doctors and it comes across to the public in a visible and almost tangible manner, whether they realize it or not.

Yes, Dr. Sands breached protocol of the Emergency Powers Order, but perhaps more importantly, Dr. Sands broke whatever trust there was between Dr. Minnis and himself a long time ago; and their relationship may still be suffering the consequence.

It appears that the prime minister doesn’t seem to trust Dr. Sands, which is why he appeared to have Dr. Sands on such a short leash. Even a dog is unhappy on a short leash.

Just like there is no known cure for COVID-19, there is no known cure for broken trust or a broken heart. So, with no remedy or antidote for the ailing relationship between these two doctors, the situation continues to gradually deteriorate. These doctors need a relationship doctor.

In regards to the recent controversy, involving a private flight with permanent residents who were allowed to disembark, Dr. Sands breached protocol. Yes, he did, and he admitted his mistake. That is what a man does. So, did other ministers do wrong? 

We do not believe that this is a ‘genuine’ sad dismissal of a beloved colleague for doing the wrong thing. We don’t believe so because plenty of ‘wrong’ is being done and other ministers are getting away with it.

Only God knows the heart of a man. But when we consider the facts, the prime minister, himself, as well as other ministers, have committed blunders and broken protocols in the past, without correction or punishment. So, we ask the question, why were past cases overlooked but Dr. Duane Sands is to be punished? Did Dr. Minnis view Dr. Sands as a political threat? Maybe he still does.

Dwayne Huyler

BCP national chairman



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