FNM garbage juice campaign a threat to democracy

Dear Editor,

Last week, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis held a press conference where he condemned the recent spate of paid social media ads spreading fake news about PLP leaders and party members. The attacks range from lies about national and international events to very personal, defamatory attacks on specific party officials and members.

Predictably, FNM supporters online have shared these fake stories with reckless abandon and glee, eager to do whatever damage they can to the PLP’s campaign.

Here’s a word of warning to those who are spreading this filth: We will all lose when such tactics become the norm in our country.

The PLP must continue to resist the temptation to follow suit – such well-funded, coordinated, sleazy fake news campaigns represent a new low for local politics and a threat to democracy itself.

While the PLP is certainly not a perfect organization, the FNM has often glossed over the reality of its own political corruption, which Davis detailed irrefutable examples during the press conference.

The FNM has shown that there truly is no limit to which it will go to hold on to power. Their lie of supposed moral superiority has been exposed and they are unashamedly embracing these new “garbage juice” tactics, which will undoubtedly leave them all smelling like garbage juice to the Bahamian people.

I personally believe that we are better than this.

Misinformation designed to manipulate voters and move the conversation away from the substantive issues in favor of ignorant attacks can only harm our democracy.

We must not allow these scoundrels to undermine all the progress we have made in our democracy since we first overcame the UBP’s dirty politics and gerrymandering to achieve majority rule.

If any FNMs still have a moral backbone to stand up for what is right, they should push against this nastiness before irreparable damage is done to our democracy.

If we allow this to go unchecked, I hate to imagine what future elections and our country would look like.

A patriot for our country 

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