FNM to take flight?

Dear Editor,

Minister of Health Renward Wells said the other evening at Holy Trinity Activities Centre that once the prime minister rings the bell that the Free National Movement (FNM) is ready to take flight.

I hold myself out to be a prophet of sorts and while Wells may not have meant that the FNM was ready to take flight in the literal sense, I submit that that party will indeed take “flight” from the vengeance and wrath of a majority of right-thinking Bahamians.

Wells and his leader say that it ain’t long now and that regardless of whether or not the PM rings the bell in the long or short run that they in the FNM are ready to take flight. I submit that Wells unconsciously was acting like a junior prophet and merely predicting how they will break off running to evade the disdain and scorn of the electorate sooner or later.

As a seasoned and long-time political observer on the ground it is almost beyond comprehension to understand why and how the FNM could reasonably be expected to be returned for a second term.

With the way the PM and his administration reacted to Dorian and the ongoing pandemic one would almost have to be a Sandilands patient, with all due respect, to even contemplate such a scenario.

A series of ads on the internet and Facebook paid for and sponsored by the FNM, by its own admission, seek to portray Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis, QC as corrupt and worst. Mind you, there is not a single piece of public evidence to suggest that Brave is/was ever linked to or had direct knowledge of any corrupt practices while he served as minister of works and deputy prime minister.

These ads are a bogus part of a miserable attempt to demonize Brave’s character and integrity. Point blank.

Minnis has long ago burnt all political bridges and alliances. From the very first days of his ill-fated administration Minnis insulted Hubert A. Ingraham the second best PM next to Pindling.

His administration has made almost all Bahamians dead mad about something. His campaign promises remain unfulfilled and it is not likely that they will ever see the light of day.

The FNM tried mightily to pin the corruption label on the PLP.

Three former PLP parliamentarians and the Grand Bahama chairwoman for Urban Renewal were all charged in court.

Two of those former parliamentarians were acquitted. The other, Kenred Dorsett, has remained in a legal limbo for over three years and counting.

In respect to the female former chair of the GB urban renewal office, no one seems to know the status of her matter.

Taking flight? Multiple contracts have been awarded without bidding under the Emergency Powers Act. 

Charges and allegations of public corruption are capable of being brought by any incoming administration. No, I am not suggesting a witch hunt once the PLP comes into office but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Taking flight or talking out of one’s head?

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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