FOCOL focused on its long-term strategy, not BPL’s current problems

Chairman of local oil and gas supplier FOCOL Sir Franklyn Wilson told Guardian Business yesterday that FOCOL is not focused on the “here and now issues” facing Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), but is carrying out long-range planning based on the changes in the energy sector globally.

FOCOL provides lubricating oil for BPL’s engines.

Wilson explained that as BPL moves into its new stages of power generation with new engines and new fuel in the next two years, FOCOL will continue to adjust its business to conform to the changing times.

“The best we could say is it is clear that even without the particular challenges BPL is facing, the energy sector is going through very considerable change, so those are the lenses through which we are looking at it,” said Wilson.

“We’re not looking at the here and now issues facing BPL.

“You can’t do long-range planning on the basis of the temporary challenges, so we have to keep our finger on the big picture of what we see down the road. And that’s the way we’re looking at it. We’re looking at it in terms of the changing world. BPL will one day be a very efficiently operated business and these types of things will be forgotten, so we have to plan our business on the basis of that.”

Wilson contended that before BPL’s recent catastrophic engine losses and failures, “everyone felt good about where they thought they would be at this time… but things happen”.

He explained that authorities at the highest level now recognize the problems and are working extremely hard to solve them.

He added that he is praying The Bahamas does not experience a serious hurricane this season given the challenges facing BPL, as that “would really be an extra burden, which at this time would be hard to bear”.

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Chester Robards

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