FOCOL: We do not supply fuel to BPL’s power plants

FOCOL Holdings Limited released a statement over the weekend correcting information that it says has been disseminated online and in the media, suggesting that it supplies diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil to Bahamas Power and Light (BPL).

The statement explained that while FOCOL transports fuel to Family Islands for BPL, BPL does not purchase its fuel from FOCOL.

FOCOL President Dexter Adderley said in the statement that BPL purchases its fuel directly from Shell North America.

“For certainty, neither Sun Oil nor any other FOCOL subsidiary supplies diesel or heavy fuel oil (HFO) to BPL’s power plants and we have no knowledge of, or affiliation with the entity in the document in circulation,” Adderley said.

“We would like the public to understand that Sun Oil’s agreement with BPL only provides for the transportation of fuel to BPL’s family island sites, which BPL procures directly through their arrangement with their fuel supplier, currently, Shell North America.

“Simply put, we do not supply fuel to BPL’s power plants as suggested in the media.”

Adderley added in the statement that FOCOL and its subsidiaries are publicly traded and do distribute “petroleum products and provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions in The Bahamas, through its subsidiary, Bahamas Utilities Company (BUC)”.

BUC said its operation, which supplies power to BPL to distribute throughout New Providence, is in a position to save the power company millions annually given the efficiency and fuel usage of its two power plants.

BPL’s Chief Executive Officer Shevonn Cambridge said recently that the company cannot verify the BUC’s claims on savings.

BUC operates a plant at Clifton Pier and one at Blue Hills.

“At FOCOL, we are committed to providing energy solutions that are beneficial to our country,” said Adderley.

“This is evident in the relationships we foster with local stakeholders to deliver power generation through Bahamas Utilities Company.”

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